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NPC: Meer

Location: Glacmor

Coordinates: 194, 239

A sailor on the Glacmor dock, waiting for a ship to arrive to take him to the open seas.


Speak the Words

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You see a draegoni of average build sitting on the edge of the dock with his feet dangling EL-DB.comjust above the water. As you approach he looks up with a smile and nods a silent greeting.

Greetings. *He says with a grin.* What brings you to these obscure docks?

I'm sailing to Aeth Aelfan
Ah of course, beautiful land, and a fine race the elves there... though some near the coast can be a bit, uncaring, with your possessions. *He frowns and wraps a strand of blond hair around his finger while he stares out to sea.* No matter, I shall be sailing for open seas, not the land of the elves.

Open seas
Yes! There are great regions full of unexplored waters to the west, east, north and south! All over Draia, uncharted lands could be lurking, just waiting to be discovered! *His eyes brighten as he continues to stare out over the waters; he's barely looked at you besides his initial greeting.*

Where is your ship?
*He laughs.* Now that's something I'll need isn't it? A friend of mine shall be sailing by soon - I'll board the ship of Captain Bridden and sail with her and her crew to the far south, in search of new lands! I don't believe we'll find any, but who knows? It's the adventure that intrigues us and I haven't had a good adventure since the Great War. In those days I fought beside legends and saw gods walk as mortals!

Captain Bridden
Yes, that's her name! She's a wonderful woman, well, elf actually. She's a servant of Aluwen and as merry a lady as I've ever met! But oh is she a fierce fighter too! There's a great many tales I could tell you about her - half of them half true, and the other half, half false! *You give him a puzzled look as he says this, but the draegoni doesn't notice and continues on.*

Yet those are tales that should be told by bards and poets, in taverns and at parties, not by an old draegoni on the glum docks of Glacmor.

You fought in the war?
Of course - you shall find that a great many people that wander these lands fought in The Great War. Most to a lesser degree - petty skirmishes followed by quick defeat. Most of true battles were not those of strength and warriors. The war was dictated by the choices of the gods and a few great mortals, whose simple actions defined the course of the world.

*The draegoni takes his eyes off the sea for awhile to draw out a thick knife and flip it gently between his fingers. You move away slightly, afraid he might hurt you.* Hah, I'm not going to stab you, nor will I drop it and cut off your toes! Sit down and wait for your ship - just because I fought in a war doesn't mean I'm overly happy about using my knife!

Ship coming?
Time? Ah I don't know, an hour? A year? Does it really matter? Time flickers by us moving ever forward, yet what difference does time make? *He flips his knife lightly in the air and catches it on the tip of his finger, balancing the bottom of the hilt on his extended forefinger.* Time will knock this knife to the ground, for no mortal can fight any battle forever, yet... if I let the knife go...

*He pulls away his hand and the sleek blade drops into the water below him.* It no longer matters, I've told time that I do not care and that I have more control than it. Perhaps if I remind time that I care not when my ship comes, it will tire of holding it back and let it come swiftly. *Confused by the draegoni's odd response you observe him, slightly flustered. He only grins, then turns again to the sea.*

Umm, your knife?
I don't need it. *He shrugs, watching the blade sink slowly through the crystal clear water.*

Something holding your ship back?
Hmm, now that's a good question to be sure! I would guess so as evil tends to plague the noble of heart. I'm content to wait here though, for as long as need be, chatting with people such as yourself, marveling at how much we all care for simple things such as knives and boats.

Do you care about anything?
*His eyes darken and he looks away from you to contemplate the water beneath his dangling feet.* When you lose everything you have to the darkness, you lose the heart to have anything ever again.

Sorry. What happened?
My city was destroyed in The Great War - my family and friends slaughtered, my possessions and home buried under the ice. Dark dreams still creep into my sleep, the screams of the innocent, the blood EL-DB.comstaining my home city. *A silent tear slips down his cheek and you regret asking.* It is because of such things that I try to keep a merry attitude and a careless heart, otherwise the sadness would be

too much to bear. *You look at the ground, unsure of what to say, but the draegoni spares you and speaks again.* I beg your forgiveness, you should not be bothered with depressing talk of death and despair so let us talk of other things. Is there anything else you would like to know about me?

You never told me your name.
That's right! I haven't! You should have demanded it of me far sooner: I am Meer - used to be Lieutenant Meer, but no longer. *He pulls at his gloves, adjusting them to make sure that none of the chilly air can get in. Silence falls for several more moments, and you realize you have nothing left to say.*

Of the remaining draegoni kingdoms, I must say, Glacmor reminds me the most of what Dra Leont used to be. *He peers out to the sea as if he sees the reflections of his once great city.* It is so different culturally though. Glacmor is one of the epicenters of fashion in all the lands, mainly because of Galienne's temple and the runway here. The academy is also a rather large attraction.

You may pay homage to Galienne within the city. While I am not a tailor by trade, I do follow Galienne because she is the Goddess of Fate and I'd much rather be on the good side of the hands which hold my fate. I don't visit as often as I should because one of the priests, Sergio, is rather annoying and complains about the way I dress every time I go. *You can see him roll his eyes even without facing toward you.*

It's one of the biggest facets of Glacmor. Students who wish to study fashion and tailoring come from all parts of the world to be a student at the runway and have their creations modeled. You will find that many of the students have to work the less-glamorous jobs around here, however, to be able to make ends meet. Until you make it in the world of fashion, you're stuck with little change in your purse.

The people of Glacmor do not mind the many outsiders, though. Lady Aeryn says it is a good way to increase the trade of these lands.

The Glacmor Skill Academy - have you not heard of it? *He looks at you perplexed but quickly returns to his deep gaze at the sea.* Alchemists, potioners and crafters from all around seek to train at thEL-DB.come academy. It is a great place for all of them to hone their skills quickly. Elyssa, the headmaster, does a grand job of running the place and making sure many amenities are available to her students.

Lady Aeryn
She is the ruler of Glacmor, answering only to Queen Tenar herself. Lady Aeryn is a wise person with many innovative ways of leading this region. The Queen was very astute to have Lady Aeryn rule in her stead.

I'd say you should go and explore the academy for yourself - it is right in the heart of Dra Se'Lac. There is a gnomish book buyer in the library and my friend Lytrus runs the storage in the academy. Both receive a lot of traffic due to the popularity of the academy. They probably add to the popularity as well.

I must go.
Safe travels, may Iringold be with you!