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NPC: Mihalik

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 43, 357

Entrance guardian for the Palon Vertas Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*You see a stern young man, decked out in armor, eyeing you suspiciously as you proceed. He puts his hand up, and asks you halt. He gives you a once-over, and his expression softens.* Sorry about that. You may proceed on to the school if you wish.

Who are you?
My name is Mihalik, and I'm the entry guardian for the magic school, appointed by the Grandmaster himself. I used to be a student here, but I wasn't ready to leave after I graduated, so the Grandmaster added me to his staff. And now I'm the first line of defense from any trouble entering the school.

What kind of trouble
Any kind of trouble really. The most prevalent is keeping the normal citizens of Palon Vertas out of the school... we do not want them meddling with our affairs. You see, the school itself is like its own little world compared to the rest of this region. Palon Vertas may seem like a peaceful and beautiful place, but it has a multitude of problems. Most of them involve Cedric.

But I also have an ability to detect dark magic and concealed weapons... and a knack for judging people on first glance. You passed that test.

He and his wife live in a cabin to the south. He's been causing a ruckus lately, too, finding new ways to cause trouble for Mayor Morton. I believe I've heard several bombs go off in that general direction. He has tried to enter the school many times for one thing or another, but I always deny him access. I believe he is unfit to enter, and a threat to the livelihood of the school.

Needless to say, if you've met him, he always has a few choice words to say when he doesn't get his way. But I will give him credit for one thing... he is correct to say that the Vormus River is polluted in this region. The locals seem to ignore it, most likely because Cedric is the issues primary voice, but it's becoming a worsening issue, and I'm not sure how much longer magic can aid this region.

Some of the residents are beginning to catch on, like Kaylynn and Tabitha.

Polluted river
Water purification magic was one of my specializations when I trained here at the school, and believe me, it would take a massive bit of magic in order to totally clean the river. that wouldn't stop it from happening again! The source would also need to be stopped. The river may appear clean, but it's the work of a water illusion spell cast by the Grandmaster.

It must have been a personal favor to Morton or something, because I do not understand why he would help cover up the problem. I'm sure he had good intentions. But the illusion spell is so powerful, the waters appear crystalline and clean. Little does everyone know... Luckily for the school, we draw from underground reserves for our supply. Our waste dumps out into the underground.

When you attend this school, you can specialize in certain areas of study. I chose to study water purification, battle magic, and general water magic. I also specialized in dendrology, which is the study of trees. If you need to know the scientific name of a leaf, or its magical qualities, I'm your guy.

Below the lands of Palon Vertas, there are a series of underground escape tunnels that were used during the Great War. Palon Vertas is a sector of the Idal Empire, and does not have a very large army on its own. If the armies from Idaloran are not able to make it to Palon Vertas in time to defend it, the citizens can use the underground tunnels in order to escape to the surrounding regions.

There are hidden entrances to the underground all over, and the citizens are taught to keep them a secret. But I'm pretty sure there's a hidden entrance around here.

She is one of the four sisters here. The sisters are a collection of priestesses each representing a different God: Aluwen, Elandria, Jayden, and Unolas. The sisters perform religious ceremonies in a shrine located near the passage to Kusamura. Kaylynn is the sister of Jayden for the region.

I believe Jayden's followers are called the Order of the Stream, so it's not surprising that Kaylynn can sense something is wrong with the river here. I believe she has begun her own investigation.

She is actually a student of the school, but she is originally from Treesoar Village. We call her a townie. She has decent water magic, so I'm pretty sure she can tell something is wrong the river. Tabitha doesn't stay in the dormitories like the rest of the students. She often leaves the school to go home in between classes, or she wanders around practicing her water magic.

Ready to leave
By that, I mean return to my homeland. I hail from the realm of Irinveron, specifically the village of Candolis. I left the harsh cold of my homeland when I was 12 to come train here, and I've never looked back. I will return one day, but the warm sun suits me much better.

Master Osreng is the Grandmaster of Water, and one of the four Grandmasters. Each Grandmaster runs a different school. Palon Vertas is the largest magic school in Seridia and Irilion. Some believe that means Grandmaster Osreng is the leader of the 4 Grandmasters. I personally believe the Grandmasters have no leader. But I've never asked him.

Master Osreng has made this a formidable school when it comes to teaching the art of water magic. It is every water mage's dream to learn from him.

Lava around a water magic school
I was surprised, too, when I first arrived. But apparently the Grandmasters are all about balance. Fire and Water balance each other out. Grandmaster Osreng surrounded the school with lava for that very reason. In fact, there is even more lava in his personal chambers. I guess it has to deal with the inner harmonies of his magic powers.

The Grandmaster of Fire, Nerala, chose Arius as her magic school. Rightfully so, Arius is an island and surrounded by water. I believe that is her way of balancing the inner harmonics, too.

Magic School
This is the largest magic school in all the lands! You are free to enter and explore, but heed my warning, it is very easy to get lost within its walls.

Why are you wearing armor?
Battle magic can only aid me so much. A protection spell will only work if I am able to cast it quick enough, or if I have EL-DB.comthe appropriate amount of mana. Wearing armor is a plan b. It's a good form of backup to protect myself against my enemies.

Safe travels!