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NPC: Miron

Location: Palon Vertas Gold Cave

Coordinates: 270, 301

A gold miner in Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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You see a middle aged dwarf breaking some rocks with his piEL-DB.comckax. He looks at you for a second, then resumes his work.

Who are you?
My name is Miron. Nice to see someone new, I don't meet a lot of new people in this mine. Can I help you with anything?

Hmm.. I am a dwarf, in a mine? If you had ONE guess, what would it be? Babysitter? Banker? Repo man? Or perhaps an accountant?

Yeah, I am a miner. To be more specific, I mine gold. Not all the mining is the same, you see. Each ore is different and requires a different strategy. You can't mine gold the same way you'd mine coal, for example. Different process altogether. That doesn't mean that we can't mine other stuff as well, we do that from time to time. But we are specialized in gold. We extract it in industrial quantities.

To extract the gold in large quantities, one requirement is to not waste much. A lot of gold comes as a fine powder which you can't just harvest with a pickax. To do it properly you need to know chemistry, and use dangerous substances such as sodium cyanide. As you might imagine, it is a very dangerous job, and not just because of the chemicals. Using dynamite in a mine brings some safety concerns..

The technological process of using cyanide to extract the gold is pretty complicated and would take ages to explain it to you. There is a library here in PV so you can go there to read more about it. All you need to know, if you are not a miner, is to stay away from it, it's very dangerous if not handled properly. And if not filtered and discared properly it can pollute the nearby water as well.

There are different opinions about it. Some people, such as Cedric, think the pollution is a big issues. Apala and the mayor think the pollution is not that bad and the economic benefits outweigh any concerns about some fish or birds dying. I don't think much about it, I am just doing my job. But I tend to agree with Apala on this one.

She is our foreman. Not a bad lady once you get to know her, but not everyone likes her. For what it's worth, I think she is a good job, things are going pretty well since she took the job. We used to have very outdated tools, but she took care of that.

Just as with Apala, mayor Morton is loved by some and hated by others. I spend most of my time in the mine so I don't get to see much of the surface, but I guess he must be doing a good job if people keep voting for him.

Outdated Tools
We used to have very bad protection equipment, pickaxes that broke right away, the support beams were rotten.. Now we have modern stuff, and if Apala keeps her word, we'll get even cooler toys. Like a conveyor belt for example. It would totally rock!

Cedric is a strange person.. Ever met a dwarf that likes fishing more than mining? And he is married with Apala, so even more reasons to come and work with us in the mine. Or it could be that Apala won't let him come here anymore after he stole some dynamite to go fishing with it..

They are used to trap the cyanide particles, so that we can dispose them safely. But they are expensive, and we don't change them as often as we should, so there is some bad stuff going through. If we had to change them when we are supposed to, then we might as well start gardening, because there would be no profit in gold mining.

Mining and safety are oxymorons. Think about it, there are so many things that can go wrong. The walls can collapse on you, or you can die poisoned with the chemicals we are using, or some methane gas can explode. But if you die, you'll just end up in the Underworld. So the safety standards are pretty lax now.

We use it to blast hard rock. Before using explosives to clear some solid rock walls we had to use just pickaxes. That is a lot of work, you know? Now it's almost a piece of cake, although sometimes a whole tunnel collapses and clearing all the debries is not a walk in the park.

Have a nice daEL-DB.comy, and be safe.