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NPC: Moonflower

Location: Tarsengaard Temple of Zarin

Coordinates: 26, 112

From Aeth Aelfan, she moved to Tarzengaard to serve Crafting goddess Zarin.


Speak the Words

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*You see an elven woman with long gray hair and garnished in red. She smiles at you as you approach.* Peace and love, gentle soul. Enter the Temple of ZEL-DB.comarin and cast off your cares and worries. Embrace the beauty and love that surround us. Explore the peaceful ambience and let your consciousness expand!

Temple of Zarin
Zarin is our Goddess. She channels the forces of nature to allow truth and art to flow through our spirits. She heeds that you follow your desires in order to achieve spiritual perfection in life. We, her followers, wear these beautiful crimson-colored robes as a sign of dedication to our Goddess.

Who are you?
I'm Moonflower, a priest here originally from Aeth Aelfan where I owned the Flowerchild Inn. I moved here to serve Zarin, the Goddess of Crafting and the Arts. I hoped to find the enlightenment and wisdom needed to create items of beauty.

Ah, crafting is an ancient art that taps into the currents of the Land. Using skill, knowledge, alchemy and magic we can create simple articles like thread and polished gems or more complex and wondrous magical medallions, teleport rings and crowns. It takes an artist to create such majesties and those artists are the followers of Zarin.

Flowerchild Inn?
*She laughs almost seductively.* It's a place for free spirits to convene and discuss life. From politics to theology to the meaning of life, no topic is off limits to us. Just sit back, enjoy a drink or a smoke, and enjoy the conversation. It was there that my spirit decided to follow the path of Zarin. Discovering that was almost like an out-of-body experience for me.

Currents of the Land
Yes, a magical force of nature in the ground itself. We who serve Zarin wish to maintain a harmonious balance with nature and this mysterious force. It's unfortunate that Unolas and his followers choose to mock us and upset the harmony of nature.

Medallions are an amazing form of enchantment that work within the body of the wearer to enhance certain experiences. I'm told they even boost fighting abilities, although I don't understand why any peace-loving person would need to fight. To me, freedom is to have complete peace. Fighting just disrupts this.

Teleport rings
Another magical type of jewelry that works with the currents of the Land to move the wearer instantly from one location to anoEL-DB.comther. It's always a very spiritual experience. *She seems to go into a daze while reminiscing about her last ring experience.*

He is the God of Magic. He and his followers tap into the magic of the lands and use it for their alternative agendas. Those poor souls are bound by their magic and cannot experience the true freedom that Zarin can provide you with.

How can I serve Zarin?
Through hard work, perseverance and an honest and open spirit, you can embrace the teachings of Zarin, but it will be a difficult journey. May you breathe in the wisdom of the Goddess and let peace flow through your heart. Durnam, the high-priest of the temple, can assist you further on your journey. You'll find him through the door to the north.

Like the other religions of the lands, followers of Zarin will adorn themselves in a specific color to show who they serve. For us, that color is red. The enemies of the temple bear the colors of light blue and purple.

In the teachings of Zarin, it clearly states there are conflicts in the beliefs between our church and the church of Elandria and Unolas. As such, you may not follow either of them while actively worshiping our great Goddess.

I'm not the high-priest if that's what you are asking. I am a minor priest of Zarin. I can still invoke the blessing of our Goddess and have a stronger bond with her than a normal follower, but it is Durnam that has the highest position in Her temple. I perform other duties around the temple, such as prayer services.

I also travel from time to time across the lands meeting new people and spreading the teachings of Zarin. I met a cleric of Aluwen once on my travels. I believe her name was Kaya. We had very interesting talks together about our individual theologies.

She's a very young and beautiful girl with a remarkable ability. You see, when I met her in Desert Pines, I suffered from a rather painful sunburn - I am very faEL-DB.comir-skinned as you can see. Kaya noticed my obvious discomfort, placed her hands on my burn and it was magically healed. She definitely has a divine gift indeed.

Go in harmony, my friend.