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NPC: Morton

Location: Palon Vertas

Coordinates: 191, 160

Mayor of Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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As you approach, a middle aged man glances up at you as he the people in the square. He gives you a nod of acknowledgement.

G'day to you traveler, welcome to Palon Vertas, and its heart, Salingen. You may call me Morton.

Yes, yes... *He gives you a bemused smile* I am the Mayor of Palon Vertas. I was elected just several years past. It is no easy duty in a changing world, and I must deal with the squabbles of some troublesome citizenry as well. *He grimaces*

Troublesome Citizenry?
Forgive me, I should not be so harsh. My temper is thin, as I have had a recent issue with a citizen. Apala and her sister Yinta do much for Palon Vertas, between the mines and Yinta with her various plants. But Apala's husband... Cedric... *He sighs deeply, obviously frustrated* Let's just say I'm not fond of him. He's been stealing dynamite from the mine to go fishing!

And he ignores all my attempts to explain the awful effect that has on our precious water environment. I constantly have to beg favors of Osreng to ensure all our aquatic resources are healthy after Cedric's antics! *Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes* Forgive me, you can be sure I do not treat him in an inappropriate manner, it is my duty as mayor to resolve these things.

But his insolence tries my patience, what he does hurts all of Palon in the end. And Apala should hide her explosives better too..

Of course! Palon has long prided itself on democracy, graciously allowed to us by the Idal Empire. The council in Treesoar nominates various candidates and our people vote. General Alex was by far the most popular candidate, but he refused the position. He's a humbler man than I. *He winks at you with a sly look*

Idal Empire?
We're a province of them, actually... though many might not act it. More and more we mind only ourselves. After The War theEL-DB.comre seems to be less trouble between the Empire and her provinces, it seems everyone has had enough of rules and suffering.

General Alex?
Aah, you're certainly not from these parts, else you'd know him. A great man he is, he was a hero to our people during The War. He defended these lands as long as he could, and led the battles to reclaim them as soon as we had the strength. These days he's a quiet soul, tries to avoid the praise that people pour on him.

That'd be the town across the Vormus, the council meets there. It's a rather vulnerable spot. *He glances into the distance at Salingen's wall* Some have forgotten The War, but we who guard these lands must remember...

The War?
The Great War! Surely you know about that. *He laughs, then his face grows serious* But of course you no doubt wonder what happened here. Each land has its own story. We were overrun by the dark elves and their monsters, and forced to flee our homes. I was a younger man then, serving under General Alex. But after the war we have flourished greatly, as these lands always do.

Always flourish?
Always? Well, not always... this is an ancient land, full of magic. But it was not always beautiful, there were years it was barren. Those were years before magic, long before it was shared with mortals, before the first great wars of the world, before the first Grandmasters founded the schools of magic, and the one that guards our land.'

Magic School?
The school of magic in the west, home to the Grandmaster of Water, Osreng, and a great many talented mages and students of magic. They are good to our lands, for the most part, though sometimes the students do cause trouble in the city. Osreng always sets it straight though, he is a good man, or draegoni, as it is, and honors this land and the magic within it.

Palon Vertas is an old, old land... the people here though mingled with travelers have lived in these lands for longer than time can properly trace. We pride ourselves on our heritage. We were here in the first age of the world, before magic, before the parting of the continents. Though an oppressed people on those dark days, we were here, and we have lived with this land through all the trials time has given us.

Dark days?
Yes, very dark days. The full story of our history would be a long tale to tell you, and even much of it is still shrouded in mystery. But in the years long gone Palon was a very different land... barEL-DB.comren, dead, ruled by tyrants worthy of legend. But it was a harsh reality, Mortos's servants isolating the land from the world, oppressing the people. Many died of starvation and disease in those days.

When did things change?
There is a fire in the blood of our people. This city is named for Salin and his wife, Genevieve. You'd have to ask a scholar for the full tale; it is a long and tragic story. But they brought this land out of shadow, they were among the first to discover the power of magic in mortal hands. The magic of Genevieve never left these lands; they have flourished through even the darkest times.

Yinta is the local herbalist. You can find her in the greenhouse, south east of here. She gathers and preserves rare plants and, through careful selection, she produces new varieties, enhancing the natural beauty of her flowers. People all over Irilion buy flowers from her for weddings and other special events. That contributes to our economy quite a bit.

Apala is the local foreman. She is in charge with the mine, south of here. She is very smart and hard working, an expert in anything that has to do with mineral resources. If you ever need to identify some mineral, she is the one to ask. She knows a lot about plants too, but not as much as her sister, Yinta.

We export ore, wood,cotton, and sometimes even special varieties of flowers. Idaloran is our biggest trade partner, probably because it is a big city and close to us. We import textiles from Idaloran. We use the rivers to connect with EVTR and AA for trade. Idaloran and Melinis also because of close proximity; we would trade with Zirak and Thelinor, but those dwarves get their goods elsewhere.

We have some small trade with Sedicolis, but they are not that big.
Since PV is so central and the rivers are useful for connecting to other maps, it makes it one of the biggest trading spots on the mainland.

*He nods and smiles in a slight way* Farewell traveler, as you might hear the mages in these parts say... may you walk in the footsteps of the water spirits.