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NPC: Morumi

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 111, 70

Normally a maker of fireworks, the Nordcarn military contracts him to make missiles.


Speak the Words

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You see a strong, middle aEL-DB.comged dwarf. He greets you:
"Hello, [PLAYER NAME], anything I can do for you?"

They call me Morumi.

My job involves making self propelled missiles. Usually I make fireworks, but every once in a while tEL-DB.comhe Nordcarn military contracts me for developing military grade missiles, especially for our defense.

They are rockets, filled with potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulfur, and various metal oxides for the color. I usually get a lot of fireworks orders, especially near festivals and holidays. I am the only one in the entire Seridia that can make them, so this pays very well.

The missiles I make are self propelled. That means, they do not require any additional device to be launched, except for an optional launching pad. Due to the fact that I am using some gnomish technology, additionally refined by me during many years of experiments and tests, my GAMs and torpedoes are successfully employed by the continental military against the invading pirate fleet.

Nordcarn is a fortified dwarven city. Unlike Portland and Whitestone, we do not have any form of government. You can call it anarchy, if you want. However, unlike what you might think, that doesn't mean that chaos reigns here. Quite contrary, we are very well organized, and we are all law abiding citizens. In fact, we are some sort of democracy, only that we have no leaders.

In Nordcarn, we don't have a big army. The dwarves are not really powerful warriors, we are too short to be able to defeat really tall and large opponents. Our ways are not of war, but of crafting and mining. So, in order to preserve our independence, we need some sort of defense that doesn't involve hand to hand combat. Fortunately, we are very good crafters and builders,

so we can build really impressive passive defences (passive defense means walls, moats, etc.). Nevertheless, passive defenses usually won't work unless they are combined with some active defense, such as cannons and other missile weapons.

GAM means Ground to Air Missile. A GAM (or SAM) is a rocket that is launched from ground, against an aerial target (such as an aircraft). They are particularly effective against the pirate blimps, or hot air balloons. The principle is simple: the MADAR (MAgic Detection and Ranging) ground station detects the enemy aircrafts, which sends their position, heading, and speed

to the GAM battery. A GAM battery consist of 12 rockets with an adjustable detonation fuse. This fuse controls the time the rocket detonates, after the launch. Then tEL-DB.comhe rocket detonates, hopefully near the enemy aircraft, and the explosion spreads a lot of nails all over, which is extremely effective against inflatable aircrafts.

A torpedo is, in this case, a ground to water missile. While it has a different design, shape and size than a ground to air missile, the basic principle is the same (the conservation of impulse). However, instead of spreading nails when it detonates, as the GAMs do, it just explodes on impact, which is very effective against wooden ships.

Most of the gnomes live on Irilion, since they have a big problem with Seridia (some bad history, which I don't feel like going into). They are very intelligent, and have a predilection for discovering new, amazing things. For example, I learned how to make missiles from the gnomes. The dwarves are not that inventive.

I don't know how it happened exactly, but the pirates managed to aquire some new technology, from the gnomes. Most likely they either stole it, or perhaps they blackmailed someone. How exactly they got it is not as important as the fact that they did, and now they developed some lighter than air flying vehicles, called blimps and balloons.

Those vehicles are used as aerial surveilance tools, combat support vehicles (such as combining aerial and marine attacks), troup carriers, and sometimes as bombers, by dropping explosive or incendiary devices. Since they fly very high in the sky, it's very hard, or even impossible to attack them with arrows.

The best race of them all! Just kidding. Just between you and me, I don't think there is any 'best race' thing out there. All the races have some strenghts and flaws. We, for example, are very good crafters and miners, but we make poor fighters and researchers. I am an exception from this rule, but then again, I've spent half of my life among the gnomes..

Irilion is a big continent, South East of here. I would say that compared to Seridia, they are more advanced and better organised than us. however, despite the continent being bigger, almost half of it has a very cold climate, so that portion is lightly inhabited, and has almost no industry, except maybe for trading furs.

No Leaders
Amazing, isn't it? I guess we love our freedom too much to allow any organised government try to take it away from us. Do we need someone to tell us what to do? Can't we juEL-DB.comdge for ourselves, and don't do 'bad things'? We have lived like that, without any leaders, for more than 200 years, and with some small exceptions, we never had a problem.

They are some huge vehicles, filled with hot air, or even a lighter than air gas, called hydrogen. They use the same principle as the sea ships: They are lighter than the fluid they are emersed in, so they have a tendency to rise. I think the term is called buoyancy.

Among the gnomes
When I was young, maybe 15 years old, I was traveling with my uncle, who was a merchant. One day, very close to the Irilion west coast, we were attacked by the pirates. Well, ok, attacked is the improper word, they were just setting an interception course, to board our ship. It was a windy day, and the captain tried to hide in a cliffy labyrinth.

Unfortunately, the wind crashed the ship in some rocks, and most of the people on our ship lost their lives. I was one of the few fortunate enough to escape. I managed to get to the shore, where I was rescued by a gnome family. They raised me as if I was their child, and I stayed with them until they died. Then I moved back to my homeland, Nordcarn.

Nice seeing you!