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NPC: Murtvhar

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall East Meeting Hall Hallway Dungeon Tower

Coordinates: 361, 27

A man who has been locked up and tortured.


Speak the Words

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*Weak, pitiful sobbing comes from the balled up bundle of skin and bones who is curled up at your feet. You're sickened and surprised at how loosely his filthy tailored clothes hang off hiEL-DB.coms extremely pale, parchment thin skin. You're doubly surprised to see that this used to be an Orchan. Between his sobs, you strain to hear him say* more...I'll t-talk...

Who are you?
I'll be whoever you want me to be. Tell me who I am, just please, for the love of the gods, no more pain.

Please be yourself.
No! You're trying to trick me so you can hurt me again and again. more.

I want to help you.
That's what the others said too. They just wanted to help me tell the truth or help me remember, but they did things to me, unspeakable, horrible things. Over and over...

I won't hurt you.
You're not just saying that? You're for real? Please, gods, don't let me down again. I don't know how many more times I can go through this. Alright, I'll tell you who I am, why I'm here, everything. Can you help me sit up, please? Ahhh... that's better.

My name is Murtvhar. I have lost all track of time, so I cannot tell you how long I've been here. I cannot tell you the exact reason why I have been imprisoned here against my will, but I can tell you who has done this to me.

They were my peers, my colleagues: people who I thought were my friends, people I trusted and they turned on me. I had no idea these people would turn into such monsters, that they could be capable of, of what they've done to me.

You have been kinder to me than anyone else in a very long time, so please believe me when I tell you this. If people had told me this EL-DB.combefore I was imprisoned, I would have laughed in their faces. The people who did these unspeakable things to me were the Grandmasters.

The Grandmasters
I have the scars, scabs, and bruises to prove it. They're abusing their perceived stature within the community, but no one will ever know because they keep me locked up in here. Besides: who would ever believe it? The people treat them almost as though they are gods walking among us.

Can I heal you?
You could try and I would cherish your kindness, but all magic is blocked within these walls.

I wish I knew. I've tried and tried to figure that out myself based on the questions they put to me when they had me on the rack, but I am at a total loss. I helped them. I taught them things. I'm a pretty good magician, at least I was. Well, you know what? They taught me something too: never trust anyone. You seem to be the only exception. Bless you.

I know it would be too much to ask you to stay and protect me from them, if you could, but you would end up sharing my fate, I'm afraid. Thank you for your gentle kindness to an old orchan. I shall remember you in my prayers. Farewell.