The Unofficial Eternal Lands Database
Client version 1.9.6

NPC: Nahark

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 54, 107

Type: Bookseller

Seller of books involving fighting and summoning, as well as tickets to the archery arena.


Sells 63 items

Archery Arena Ticket Archery Arena Ticket3,500
Arctic Chim Stone Construction Arctic Chim Stone Construction30,000
Arctic Chimeran Summoning Arctic Chimeran Summoning15,000
Armed Orc Stone Construction Armed Orc Stone Construction8,000
Bear Stone Construction Bear Stone Construction6,000
Book of AC Fighting Book of AC Fighting170,000
Book of Advanced Summoning Book of Advanced Summoning50
Book of Armed Female Orc Sum. Book of Armed Female Orc Sum.1,500
Book of Armed Male Goblin Sum. Book of Armed Male Goblin Sum.1,100
Book of Armed Male Orc Sum. Book of Armed Male Orc Sum.1,600
Book of Armed Skeleton Sum. Book of Armed Skeleton Sum.1,200
Book of Bear Fighting Book of Bear Fighting1,000
Book of Bear Summoning Book of Bear Summoning5,000
Book of Black Dragon Fighting Book of Black Dragon Fighting290,000
Book of Blue Dragons Fighting Book of Blue Dragons Fighting320,000
Book of Boar Summoning Book of Boar Summoning200
Book of Bulangiu Fighting Book of Bulangiu Fighting350,000
Book of Cockatrice Fighting Book of Cockatrice Fighting160,000
Book of Combat Tactics Book of Combat Tactics50
Book of Cyclop Sum. Book of Cyclop Sum.1,700
Book of Cyclops Fighting Book of Cyclops Fighting10,000
Book of Dwarf Fighting Book of Dwarf Fighting20,000
Book of Elf Fighting Book of Elf Fighting20,000
Book of Falcon Summoning Book of Falcon Summoning20,000
Book of Female Goblin Sum. Book of Female Goblin Sum.1,000
Book of Female Orc Sum. Book of Female Orc Sum.1,300
Book of Fluffy Fighting Book of Fluffy Fighting40,000
Book of Fluffy Summoning Book of Fluffy Summoning10,000
Book of Gargoyle Fighting Book of Gargoyle Fighting500
Book of Gargoyles Summoning Book of Gargoyles Summoning1,000
Book of Giant Fighting Book of Giant Fighting200,000
Book of Goblin Fighting Book of Goblin Fighting100
Book of Hawk Summoning Book of Hawk Summoning20,000
Book of Humans Fighting Book of Humans Fighting20,000
Book of Ice Dragons Fighting Book of Ice Dragons Fighting300,000
Book of Little Dragon Blue Summoning Book of Little Dragon Blue Summoning350
Book of Male Orc Sum. Book of Male Orc Sum.1,400
Book of Mare Bulangiu Fighting Book of Mare Bulangiu Fighting380,000
Book of Mule Glyph Book of Mule Glyph20,000
Book of Ogre Fighting Book of Ogre Fighting10,000
Book of Orc Fighting Book of Orc Fighting2,000
Book of Phantom Warrior Fighting Book of Phantom Warrior Fighting15,000
Book of Polar Bear Sum. Book of Polar Bear Sum.900
Book of Puma Fighting Book of Puma Fighting500
Book of Puma Summoning Book of Puma Summoning2,000
Book of Red Dragon Fighting Book of Red Dragon Fighting250,000
Book of Red Dragon Summoning Book of Red Dragon Summoning35,000
Book of Skeleton Fighting Book of Skeleton Fighting250
Book of Skeleton Summoning Book of Skeleton Summoning500
Book of Snakes Summoning Book of Snakes Summoning100
Book of Troll Fighting Book of Troll Fighting5,000
Book of Wolf Summoning Book of Wolf Summoning100
Book of Yeti Fighting Book of Yeti Fighting150,000
Chimeran Mountain Wolf Summoning Chimeran Mountain Wolf Summoning20,000
Fluffy Stone Construction Fluffy Stone Construction15,000
Giant Spider Stone Construction Giant Spider Stone Construction6,000
Giant Stone Construction Giant Stone Construction35,000
Giant Summoning Giant Summoning25,000
Phantom Warrior Stone Construction Phantom Warrior Stone Construction10,000
Sslessar Stone Construction Sslessar Stone Construction20,000
Tiger Stone Construction Tiger Stone Construction6,000
Yeti Stone Construction Yeti Stone Construction25,000
Yeti Summoning Yeti Summoning20,000