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NPC: Naima

Location: Tahraji Desert

Coordinates: 220, 220

A member of the Tahjrah tribe, she tells of the various tribes and people in Tahraji Desert.


Speak the Words

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As you approach the oasis you see a woman of indeterminate age leaning against a palm tree. You notice a bEL-DB.comasket full of carefully wrapped packages rests at her feet. As you lean down to get a drink she stops you.

Who are you?
I am Naima of the Tahjrah tribe.

You mean people actually live here?
Certainly people live here; this is a desert not a vacuum. *Her eyes glaze over as she slides into remembrance* I once saw the most marvelous device, of Gnome design I believe. When worked by several servants in unison it would 'suck' sand right off the floor. It was called a vacuum. My father sold it for a tidy sum.

*She shakes her head as she comes back to the present* Anyway, there are several nomadic tribes that live in the Tahraji Desert, as well as the odd hermit or two. There are also several different animals and monsters that call Tahraji home. Of course most of the monsters didn't originate here; they came when Matajin was falling. Now there aren't enough warriors left to dispose of all of them.

What are you doing?
I was just trading with a few members of the Majini tribe, they have some marvelous merchandise. I got a great deal on these little bone beads, they hand carve them from the remains of the monsters they kill. *She tugs off a necklace to show you a string of strangely decorated beads.* They also had several odd types of ore I had never seen before, they called them Wolfram and Dvarium.

Is something wrong with the water?
*She straightens sharply and frowns* Certainly not. This water is as pure and clean as it comes. Lucaa herself made this oasis spring into being. This oasis is controlled by my tribe, the Tahjrah. Anyone who wishes to use the water must either pay or be an ally.

If you really want to know about the Empire you should speak with Lehha. *She gestures vaguely towards the rock formations* Last I knew she and her warriors were somewhere to the south of here.

Why not leave Tahraji?
The Tahraji Desert is my home, it was the home of my ancestors and it will be the home of my EL-DB.comdescendants. I would not find peace or joy in another land, even if it was a less harsh land.

Hire an exterminator
*She laughs heartily at the question* No exterminator will touch this place with a 10 foot pole, not for all the gold coins in the world. Even the fabled Haidir refuses to come. You would have to hire an army to clear out all of the monsters. Unfortunately there is little gold left in the land, and far fewer people.

Today when a young warrior comes of age and must prove him or herself we send them out to kill several armed orcs. If they manage to do so they are considered an adult and given all the privileges that go with it.

So you're a trader?
*She shakes her head ruefully* Sadly no, I left that part of my life behind when I joined the Tahjrah tribe. They accepted me into their bosom when the Empire fell and I became a tribal member, not a merchant. Although.. *She laughs harshly* I suppose I will always be more of a trader at heart rather than a warrior.

Lucaa is the goddess of the ocean and nature. She was once of the three main gods worshiped by the people of the Matajin along with Selain and Izet. She was also the god responsible for the destruction of the Empire. Her power comes from being a goddess, a mere mortal such as you cannot hope for such power.

What if I kill orcs?
*A bark of laughter escapes her* Only members of the tribe receive any benefits, so killing armed orcs or the other monsters won't do you a lot of good. Of course most of the monsters in the region have looted a few travelers so you are likely to get some compensation.

Selain? Izet?
They were the other two gods worshiped by the Matajin people. Selain is the patron god of merchants and riches. He was the main god worshiped by the people, and he is the god I look to first. Izet, well Izet is special, now he is the main god worshiped in the Tahraji desert, but if you really want to know more seek out Oren.

He is the high priest of Izet and a fellow Tahjrah tribe member. Even though our numbers have decreased drastically since the Downfall, Oren still remains loyal to the people of Matajin and to Izet. is not worshipped anywhere else that I know of on this continent, so he may be forgotten without someone like Oren to relay his messages and teachings to us. Oren is also a powerful user of sand magic.

*She smiles* Be careful when you approach Lehha, she is a fiery one. She used to be employed under Verue, the ruler of Matajin before the Downfall. His skills rival even the strongest warriors I have met. Plus, she has a few tricks up her sleeve. *She laughs softly*

Sand magic
It is a skill that many members of the tribes of Tahraji have been trained in. As you can see, we are surrounded by seas of sand. It would only make sense to use our surroundings and harness it's energy as a powerful defense or weapon. Imagine a tidal wave of sand coming toward you with only one mission: to bury you alive. Very few people have mastered sand magic like Oren, but the strongest has to be Arina.

She is a member of the Majini tribe and one of their most valuable assets. Arina's magic has been rumored to be able to move the entire desert at once if she really needed to. She practices her magic every day, alone in the desert. Look for the sandstorm - I'm sure you'll find Arina.

Be careful of the monsters. *She smirks slightly* And may Selain guide your path to good deals.