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NPC: Neddler

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 205, 49

Employed by Bower, Neddler makes helmets and gloves.


Speak the Words

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*The raspy draw of diligent snoring greets you. It is only reluctantly that you peer more closely at the figure draped over the stool, the area around him littered with jEL-DB.comagged scraps of leather and tangles of thread. Some unknown agency wakes him and his bleary gaze settles on you.* Hey now, where'dyoucomefrom? *He quickly sputters out.*

Who are you?
*The fellow blinks a few times and tries to collect himself.* Neddlar, erm Neddler I'm called. I make hats, erm helmets and gloves.

Did my Master send you? I told him I'd bring him these helms, but I just keep getting sidetracked. I don't like the traveling much either.

Aye, my current employer is Bower, the Blacksmith. A hard elf he is, making me work so long into the night with barely a moment for a swallow. *You glance at the empty wine bottles nearby and wonder about that.* But I've had other jobs too! Important ones.

Other Jobs
Well, course I have! I've worked for just about all the folks around these parts. Been an Orticultryst, and a Vintner 'fore I started this one.

Edlera hired me straight off. I started tending the flowers around here, but she said maybe I'd be better off in a more structur'd een'vyrment, whatever that is.

I did help in the winery for a season. Latis said that, while I had a fine palate, maybe Vesine could better use my talents in the vineyard for a while. She didn't agree with him, I guess. But at least I can still buy wine from them! Sometimes...

Current Job
Well I tried Tankel after that. But no, I never did work for him. He said I needed experience. Maybe it had summat to do with the time when I came home with the wineskin he had a-laying by He sent me on to Master Bower. Wasn't too keen to take me on at first, but I've been an Apprentice fer a good long time now! *He picks up one of the dark bottles, gives it a shake and sighs.*

I've been all over this land. Why, I've even have to go as far as the White Stone City to see Master's friend Gerald! 'Orrible place. Crowded with all sorts of furr'ners. Worse even than the traipse to Lakeside to sell armors to the General.

You know, strange folk. Why one of them even tried to convince me that the sun even shines more in some land called Vallon Pertas. Everyone knows there's no such place!

I don't do that no more. Master said summat about gold coin missing. Well a body has to feed hisself, don't he? and that Diana in the tavern is a fine lookin' gel. Yep, Yep.

Trik be his name. He is in charge of the army of Portland somethin' or other. And then I ran into another guy named Darcy who said he was a general as well. Now this had me wondering: why have the title if there are so many? *He finds a few drops in one bottle and pats them out.*

Aye, you can find my master in his shop in Caladak. If archery be your game, then he be your guy. Not a fan of it myself.. only cowards shoot from a long ways away the way I look at'it. Anywho, Master Bower said he will be sending me to collect Yew for his arrows in some fancy shmancy place called Grubani.

Don't know much about it me self - never been there. I just know I can get there through Naralik. I'll need plenty of mead for that journey.

*Sure that he will ask you to buy him some wine next, you mumble a farewell and think EL-DB.comto yourself as you leave 'At least he's persistent about something: emptying bottles.'*