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NPC: Neru

Location: White Stone Aluwen Temple

Coordinates: 29, 248

A priest in the temple of defense goddess Aluwen.


Speak the Words

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You see a dark man staring into the waters of the reflecting pool. When he sees your reflection next to his, he turns and looks into your eyes. When he EL-DB.comdoes, you see a deep pain and sadness in his eyes that he seems unable to suppress. With a start, you realize he is dark because he is heavily tattooed.

Who are you?
I am Neru, one of her priests. You have found your way into Aluwen's Temple.

That is the penance I must serve for the time being, but in my heart of hearts, I am a warrior. I yearn for battle still.

I want to serve Aluwen.
While I serve as her priest, I am not her High Priest. For that you must seek out Noria. I last saw her in the garden.

I must spend time in quiet reflection thinking on the motivations and actions I have taken supposedly in Aluwen's name. For now, I am not permitted to leave this temple.

That doesn't sound bad
It is torture!

How so?
When I was younger and filled with youthful pride and the spirit of adventure was upon me, I fell in love. I was vain and boastful and promised to do valiant things to catch her attention. The stars in her eyes made me want to rid all of Draia of anything that could harm her. When she smiled, it was as if Aluwen herself smiled upon me, making me tremble. I never wanted her to stop smiling.

So, I solemnly swore to her, on bended knee, that I would rid Vermor Castle of all the foul creatures despoiling it, that I would cleanse and purify it on behalf oEL-DB.comf Aluwen, whom my beloved worships, that we might marry and take up residence there. I promised that we would hold it as a bastion to all who love Aluwen as we do.

So, I entered the castle and where I found the foul creatures living, I began to slay them in earnest, but no sooner would I clear out one section of the castle and move on to the next, the powers of Mortos would gradually repopulate the vacant section and my work would begin anew. To keep track of my progress and failures, I had a small line tattooed onto my skin.

After a time, I was completely covered with small lines. When that happened, I had small lines going the other direction added. After another time, I was covered in small boxes. Next came diagonal lines going one way and then the other. Finally, I began to have the small triangles inked in. For years I worked at this task, always and ever being forced by Mortos to begin anew bearing the marks of my failure.

I grew angry and frustrated and filled with hate at Mortos and I allowed those feelings to drive me to greater acts of cruelty to those monsters. My time here spent in reflection has allowed me to see that now. But at that time, it drove my determination further. So, I strove even harder to make my dream come true.

One day, it occurred to me that I might have more lasting success if I came here, to Aluwen's temple, to receive her blessing; that with her blessing I would be able to purify Vermor Castle entirely, but the High Priest refused me and set this penance upon me. I just hope Basileus doesn't follow me down this same, destitute path.

Refused you
Yes, but also recognized the love I hold for Aluwen. I was ordained then, and ordered to serve penance here, to reflect on the motivations of my life.

How long
I know not. That is up to the High Priest, Noria.

What happened to your love?
She endures. I last sEL-DB.comaw her in yon garden.

He is a warrior, like myself, whose bloodlust is rising the more time he spends in that damned castle. I have prayed that someone will deliver him guidance, but since I can no longer travel to him myself, I fear he is doomed to walk down the wrong path.

May the blessings of Aluwen be upon you, traveler, may she always defend you.