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NPC: Nestor

Location: Nordcarn Nordcarn South Cave

Coordinates: 132, 70

Studies the amber found in Nordcarn's south cave.


Speak the Words

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Mpfff... can you take a step back pleasEL-DB.come? Your shadow is disturbing my work...

Oh, sorry.
Thanks. That's better. You see, this amber is such a delicate substance. I need direct light to see what's inside, within its translucency.

Who are you?
Oh, I'm so impolite... Nestor is my name, nice to meet you. You wouldn't by chance be here with my water jug now, would you?

Yes. That's what we call this substance in front of you. Never seen it? It's not that common. In fact, we're lucky enough to have a significant deposit here. We are, of course, still researching how it originated, but it is my opinion that it must be linked somehow with very old trees. Look here: there are tiny traces of fossilized bark.

Look for yourself! *He motions you to look more closely at the yellowish substance.* See? Some of the deposit is opaque, some has small animals inside, but the best pieces are almost transparent, giving off such a warm glow...

Old trees
Very, very old. From a time so remote that even the gods could not have been around. I am developing a theory that this amber is actually the fossilized resin of ancient trees. Other colleagues think it is fossilized sap. I even met an elf who is convinced that amber was the solid form of the smelly remains of a large fish. I think these bark fragments prove he was wrong.

Animals inside
Usually there are spiders, ants, and such... you might have seen some around. My theory is that those are animals that were trapped in the resin eons ago. I sent a sample with a miniature snake in it to my friend Serpa... she said no living snake looked like that. More arguments for my theory, don't you think?

Warm glow
I find these yellow-brown-red hues beautiful, don't you? *The question is suspended for just a second, then he continues as if you had answered an enthusiastic 'YES!'* If onEL-DB.comly we could extract amber without breaking it into pieces... With proper polishing, I could make wonderful jewels out of it. Yes, that would help in revitalizing the market!

Large fish
Frankly speaking, the guy was nuts. He came all the way from Irilion with a piece of amber he had found on some secluded beach. His theory was that the brain of some large fish, after its death, would exsiccate under the sun, and produce amber.

Now, have you seen any beaches around here? Can you imagine a fish making its way from the ocean between Seridia and Irilion and into this cave? I told you he was a nut.

Oh yes. She lives in Naralik and is a local expert where snakes are concerned. I think at times she takes her job too seriously, but as far as knowledge of serpents is concerned, her word is undisputed.

Have you any interest in the subject? I am a crafter by trade. Now, unfortunately, I'm forced to seek alternate materials for jewelry.

The market for jewels has been somewhat stagnant lately... Of course, the war has left many people without two coins to rub together for luck. We cannot sell the luxurious enchanted jewels we used to; not in large numbers anyway. Now we have to make a living out of simple things: rings, medallions, and other kinds of ornaments.

Seridia is, of course, our continent - where we are right now. Oh boy! How many of your geography classes have you skipped?! *He frowns at you, but his eyes and smile betray the joke.*

Irilion is a large continent quite far from here. It takes a long joEL-DB.comurney to get there and in truth I have no passion for long voyages.

Why forced?
You might have heard of King Gondric's plans for universal healthcare? He wants to provide every dwarf and gnome under his reign with free healthcare coverage... a noble endeavor, of course. But guess how he intends to pay for it?

King Gondric
King Gondric Mithrilfist is the elected King of all the dwarves in Seridia - and we gnomes are under his rule as well. He is a good fellow; maybe not very royal in his manners, but a beloved and effective leader for his people. I cannot say he is a brilliant economist, but apart from that, I rather like him personally. He should probably listen to his cousin more often.

How will he pay?
With gold, my friend. Tons and tons of gold. I tried to explain to him that all that gold influx will ruin the market. Our rings, crowns, medallions... all made of gold, will all be devalued. Soaring inflation will follow and many crafters will be out of jobs before we can say 'healthcare schmealthcare'.

Her name is Megera and she is his 'Royal Adviser.' She shares the same concerns with me about the influx of gold on the market to pay for this healthcare idea of his. It's too bad she is rather worrisome all the time, or else perhaps her concerns would be heard loud and clear concerning this. *Shrugs*

Mining more gold seems like a good idea for everyone, eh? But think about it: if gold becomes more common, it will be less valuable. Then, objects made of gold will drop in value. The exchange rate between gold coins and other goods will drop, and people will see an increase in the prices of everything - while it is the gold coin itself which is being devalued.

Savings will lose their value; the purchasing power of salaries will drop. Crafters will be hit twice: first, as any other consumer by soaring prices. Second, as producers - since our trade is in gold - we will have to sell for less. Pretty bad, eh?

Yes, very bad!
I tried to explain that simple concept to them... but I doubt they will undeEL-DB.comrstand. After all, they are just dwarves. So, I am looking for alternatives.

Just dwarves
Oops, I never said that. It was just between me and you. No, not even me. Just you.

One you have in front of you. I'm researching how to make jewels from amber. If I succeed, I'll open a totally new business avenue separate from the gold market and I hope the novelty of the thing will take the market by storm!

Another option came up while talking with my friend Gemma, a fine tailor if ever there was one. She wanted us to make gold thread for luxury clothes. I told her we would of course study the matter... but in truth, I have no idea how to work gold into such a thin shape. I will need help with that.

Water Jug
Oh never mind, I believe it is Druppel who took my jug to be refilled. She is such a kind woman to spend her time refilling water jugs so miners and others like myself stay hydrated. Sometimes she even adds a spritz of lemon to mine - Dvar bless her soul. You have no idea how refreshing lemon water is.

Thanks for your visit, but I'd better get back to my amber now. Listen, if you happen to talk with Gondric, try to convince him that more gold equals more poverty! *You wonder how hard a sale that would be.* Now, what happened to my tools? They were here just moments ago.