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NPC: Nevina

Location: Desert Pines

Coordinates: 49, 345

A wildlife biologist trying to study the creatures of Evergreen Woods without scaring them off.


Speak the Words

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*You practically trip over a nearly invisible dwarf on her hands and knees who is sEL-DB.comilently peering through the bushes. She gestures for you to get down and be quiet.*

What the...?
SHHH!! *She whispers suddenly* My GOD you're a noisy one! Carry on like that and you'll scare them all away.

*She glares menacingly at you as she continues to whisper* The creatures that populate this area. Some are skittish around people like you.

Who the...?
*Her eyes flash angrily at you* Are you incapable of whispering? You can call me Nevina.

What in the...?
*She silently turns and sits facing you* Look. I'm a wildlife biologist. My particular focus consists of the ecological study of deserts; mainly the flora and fauna of Desert Pines.

What do you mean?
You've never lain down and had a conversation with a tribe of Wood Sprites, clearly. Do you know why they're always running? Because they're afraid of us 'giants'. They're afraid we're going to step on them and being stepped on is their greatest fear and the lowest form of death.

Whisper? Why?
For one, the ears of the creatures who inhabit this area are far more sensitive than yours or mine. It's plain and simple common courtesy that when you're a guest in someone else's house that you do what you can to avoid offense.

A Dwarven giant?
*She snorts quietly* Ironic isn't it? But all things are relative and when EL-DB.comI look at things from their point of view, it's even quite understandable.

Wildlife biologist
I study wildlife and there is quite a bit of it around this part of Desert Pines. In this area alone I've counted fox, deer, rabbit, brown snake, wolf, and wood sprite. In addition to the mobile life, there are plenty of other natural resources that are available, if you have an eye to see them.

There's no desert here.
This region you're in consists of Evergreen Woods, Corren Village, Crystal Caverns, the Range River, Kamara Desert, and the lush Desert Tropics. Long ago, however, there was no desert. At that time, Evergreen Woods extended from here down into Portland.

Yes. Just like birds in general come in flocks and a group of deer is a herd, a group of Wood Sprites is a tribe which should not be confused with a group of Brownies. Brownies come in troops.

What happened?
What happened is one of the very rare constants found everywhere: change. Anywhere you look, change is happening. Look to the sky for a while and it does not remain the same. Look to the mountains over a long enough period of time and you will see some rise up and others dwindle to nothing. Whether fast or slow, change is going on all around us all the time.

There are some working within my field of study who choose what is to me an unnatural path: halting or reversing the changes that have taken place. Not me. I embrace change and study it. I am amazed by how cleverly flora and fauna are able to adapt to change.

Do people cause change?
Is water wet? Of course people cause change. Just as too many of one species in a given area also causes change, so too do people impact their environment. Here in Desert Pines, the southern woods were cut down for the building of houses and supporting structures. Unfortunately, the soil was incapable of growing anything else and the harsh sunlight there dried it up.

If you visit the area, you'll see what remains of the forest there are, but if you look closely enough, you'lEL-DB.coml also see the changes that the lack of trees has brought - the changes that an abundance of trees prevented.

Thanks. I will.
Great! Now be sure to watch where you're stepping as you go.

Reversing the changes?
Pah, you're starting to sound like Isabella. You'll find her wandering these parts, most likely concocting a new scheme to get the public involved with the restoration of the forest. It's going against the gods' wishes I tell you. Don't get me started, I can fume for hours about that wench.

Tread softly with eyes wide open and see the world as it is.