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NPC: Nolida

Location: Valley of the Dwarves

Coordinates: 33, 161

Organizer of the Dwarf Miners' Union.


Speak the Words

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*You see a filthy middle-aged dwarf woman EL-DB.comholding a pickaxe.* What do you want now?

Who are you?
Forgive me if I sounded rude. I thought you were with that reporter Beth Ann. I am Nolida. I am the organizer for the Dwarf Miners' Union.

Why are you so dirty?
Why am I so dirty? I slave away in these mines for a living! Such manners you have.

Beth Ann
*She begins swinging her pickaxe at the nearby stones angrily.* Ruddy human reporter going around hounding people like mad, me included. She's interested in the conflict going on around here so she questions those involved. She even had the nerve to ask my sister about what she knew about MY dealings. *She continues to shake in anger.*

What conflict?
Conflict over the proposed health care system. Some want it. Some don't. So there has been a fair amount of headbutting around these parts. Just ask around and you will see.

Dwarf Miners' Union
It is a union that protects the best interests of the union members. The union comes with many benefits to protect the miners.

Why unionize?
Mining is very strenuous and dangerous. The miners are expected to mine the gold needed for King Gondric's health care system in the mines down south of here. This means even more work in such harsh conditions. At the thought of this, we unionized to keep ourselves from being taken advantage of and being treated unfairly as the work gets harder.

Mining is dangerous?
It can be. Miners are usually extracting ore in dark and poorly lit caverns. We swing sharp and heavy pickaxes at loose rock all day. Pickaxes can accidentally be swung at fellow miners aftEL-DB.comer a bit of fatigue. The mines we work in are generally supported by wooden rafters which can be very unstable. Often times a rock will fall on a miners' most exposed areas; head and feet.

Although, we have heard of protective equipment for this from a local engineer.

Health care system
King Gondric had the idea to insure all his subjects with health care. Any dwarf or gnome who falls ill or injured will be cared for. As good as this sounds, it will not come cheap at all. The union fears the biggest burden will be carried on the backs of us miners since there is so much gold that needs to be gathered, even if we will also be covered with the health care.

Union Benefits
There is strength in numbers. One miner could not stand against unfair conditions. No. They would swiftly be dismissed from working. Since we banded together, they cannot dismiss all of us for that same reason. If that happened, there would be no miners at all. This way we can safely negotiate our wages, standards, and working conditions to insure our mining is done in a satisfactory environment.

The mines are located to the south west. They are ideal for gold. Just be careful of the goblins roaming the cave. They're not very powerful but could spell trouble for any miner not paying attention.

Protective equipment
The engineer spoke of developing new gear that could help protect our heads and feet from harm. He talked of something called steel-toed boots and also of mining helms with lanterns built in. Neither of these items will come easy or cheap. We will need to use our power as a union to negotiate for them with Megera. There is speculation on who could forge these items. Perhaps Gerund could.

King Gondric
Gondric Mithrilfist is King of Seridia's dwarves and gnomes. There is not a kinder ruler in Seridia if you ask me. He takes his throne deep within the mines here.

Steel-toed boots
Steel-toed boots look like normal leather boots from the outside. On the inside, there is a thick piece of sEL-DB.comteel at the toes to protect them from being crushed by anything that may fall on it, like rocks or pickaxes.

Mining helms
I suppose these would look like normal iron helms except these would have the improvement of a lantern built onto the helm. I have never seen such a helm myself. These would be very helpful to us. The worst place a miner could be injured is on the head. Any time the head is struck by falling rock or a rafter it is almost certain severe injury or death.

The lantern would help tremendously as well. We can hardly see in the mines as it is. And of course, the lantern must be sealed so it won't ignite the explosive gases which are often found in the mines with poor ventilation.

Megera is King Gondric's treasurer, and also his cousin. She processes which funds go where, which is why the Dwarf Miners' Union must persuade her to grant us our wishes.

Gerund is a very talented smith. He even owns his own smithery - Gerund's Smithery. It's on the east side of the river and all the way south. He's usually happy to have visitors. If anyone can manufacture the equipment we need, he can.

I'm sure you know her, she is the local barkeep for the Moonshadow Tavern. Valeria is her name. She always worries about me when I'm working in the mines but it provides a stable income when combined with her wages from the tavern. I tell her everything - she is my sister and best friend after all.

Thanks for your time.