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NPC: Noria

Location: White Stone Aluwen Temple

Coordinates: 26, 290

Type: Priestess

High Priestess of defense goddess Aluwen.

Sells Titanium Chain Mails only to Level 5 followers of Aluwen.


Sells 1 item

Titanium Chain Mail Titanium Chain Mail5,000

Speak the Words

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Hello, [PLAEL-DB.comYER NAME]!
I am Noria, Aluwen's priestess. What can I do for you?

I want to serve Aluwen!
[PLAYER NAME], are you sure you want to join Aluwen? At the beginning, you'll be rank -2, so, until you are at least rank 0, you will lose defense experience.

Tell me more about Aluwen.
Aluwen is the greatest goddess of all gods, because she holds life, goodness and truth as her domain. To follow her path is to defend the, bring life to the wounded and to speak the truth of the heart. Aluwen's followers usually get more defense experience, depending on their rank.

Aluwen's enemies are Mortos, the god of attack, and Selain, the god of summoning.

Go in peace!