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NPC: Nyeald

Location: Portland Mayor's House

Coordinates: 120, 13

The mayor of Portland, as well as the supervisor for the Portland Chamber of Commerce.


Speak the Words

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You are looking at a middle age man, who is dreEL-DB.comssed in some sort of official looking clothes.
He smiles and says:"Hello, Burn, what can I do for you?"

My name is Nyeald, and I am the mayor of Portland.

Well, since Portland is virtually an independent state, it needs a leader, to ensure some level of coherence. And I am that leader, at least for the next 3 years. As EL-DB.comopposed to other places, we are a democracy, so the Mayor is elected by the people. I am also the president of the Council, and supervisor of the Chamber of Commerce.

I believe you already know that Portland is the name of the place where we're at, right? We are an independent city, that once was a Whitestone City outpost. We have a library, a magic shop, a flower shop, a big port, a warehouse, and, of course, a tavern. We also have a titanium mine, which is an important source of titanium ore for the industry. It's a pretty nice place, don't you think?

Our library is the biggest library in the whole of Seridia. Some say the WSC Library is as big as ours, but, well, I tend to disagree. Only last year, for example, we (the council) gave them 40000 gold coins to buy some very rare books. This is in addition to the 50000 gold coins they receive every year. We really care about our education, and the technology is part of our life.

It was originally built to serve as a place to temporarily store various materials to/from the ships that came to our port. But as the volume of the trade became larger and larger, it became obsolete, so now it serves only as a private warehouse for various people.

Flower shop
The flower shop is our latest addition. Perhaps it's not as profitable as the flower shop from Mynadar, but it does manage to attract quite a few customers.

Magic Shop
Oh, that's a really great place to shop for magic rings. I am a regular customer, because I travel a lot, and the transportation rings are extremely useful, if you don't mind parting some money.

Titanium Mine
Except for the port, titanium mining is the biggest industry here. This mine is a blessing from the gods, because titanium is a very lightweight and strong metal. It's used extensively in armor, weapons, paints, and we recently funded some research for titanium made ships. If we develop a functional prototype, we will finally put an end to those bloody pirates!

Seridia is the name of this continent. Portland is located in the NW, and it's boundarieEL-DB.coms are: Corren (N), Whitestone City (E), Morcraven March (S) and the Tahraji desert (NW).

Whitestone City
Whitestone City is, metaphorically speaking, our mother. Like I was saying, it is a little East of here. It's the biggest and the oldest city in Seridia. Unlike our city, their form of government is some sort of autocracy. Fortunately their ruler, Lord Luxin, is a nice guy, and he does care for the people. But still, I do like our democracy better than their autocracy.

Anyway, WSC includes the entire Whitestone territory. That is, Grahm's Village, Lakeside Village and Tirnwood Vale are administrated by the WSC City Hall, so they don't have a mayor. But they don't need a mayor in the first place, since they are relatively small, and don't have any major industry going on.

It's a group of 6 people, elected every year by the population, by democratic vote, and presided by the Mayor. Pretty much everyone can candidate, but most of them don't. Anyway, their purpose is to make new laws, update or remove older laws, supervise the militia and the justice department, and various other things.

Chamber of Commerce
They are a 9 people committee, appointed by the Council every 5 years. Their main purpose is to regulate the trade and setting the import and export taxes (with the exception of imports and exports from Whitestone City). They also investigate various claims against merchants or ships, and act as a judge or mediator in conflicts of a commercial nature.

Lakeside Village
Lakeside Village is a medium sized village, South East of WSC. The local industry consists of fishing, some zootechny and some little commerce. It doesn't have any independent leadership, as it's a subsidiary of WSC.

Tirnwood Vale
Tirnwood is a town of elves. While technically belonging to WSC, they do have a local government, and rumors are that they are trying to break free. Personally, I don't think that would be really good for them, since it's usually WSC that supports them, rather than the other way around. The main industry there is hunting and timber.

Grahm's Village
Grahm's Village was founded by Grahm, a shop owner. His shop was more like a trader outpost, but for some reason it grew in a small village. How, or rather why this happened I have no idea. ThEL-DB.comere is not much industry there, except for a horse farm, and some trade. Grahm's Village is also a subsidiary of WSC, but I heard that WSC wants to get rid of it, since it's a burden for them.

Tahraji Desert
It is a very dangerous place, a lot of bad monsters roaming around. Not much of interest there, except for some rubies in a cave. Nevertheless, risking your life for some rocks is really not a good idea. Ertan, one of our scientist was foolish enough to go there a few months ago, and never came back...

Corren is a nice, lovely place. Its location, a little North of the Kamara desert, near the ocean, makes it have a very nice and warm weather. Being a port city, and also in close proximity to the Crystal Cave, its economy is very strong. Corren is self governed, pretty much like Portland, except they don't have a chamber of commerce like we do.

Kamara Desert
Unlike the Tahraji Desert, Kamara is not a very dangerous place. It has a nice oasis, and there is a small nomad colony, where you can trade various goods. Being nomads, they don't really have any government, they just roam around and trade.

Morcraven Marsh
Morcraven Marsh is our south neighbor. It was once a prosperous place, but their swamp started to take over the land, so their agriculture virtually disappeared, except for the grapes. There is the biggest and only winery in the land. There are also two Forts there, and a sulfur mine (with a little gold and silver as well).

That's a really nice facility, and we are lucky it's relatively close to us. They make some really fine wine, and both Latis and Vesine are really nice, hard working people. You can find it right near Fort Caladak.

The forts are a joint effort between the Portland and WSC military. They serve both as outposts on lookout for pirates and dangerous creatures, and also as training grounds. We can't train our troops inside the city, or nearby, because, well, most of the citizens don't like that.

Well, you know that saying: To secure peace is to prepare for war. While we are not at war with anyone, there are various reasons to keep a small military force. For example, the orcs, goblinEL-DB.coms, ogres, cyclops, skeletons, and other aggressive creatures. But the militia is usually more than enough for them. The military is usually for addressing bigger issues, such as the pirates.

Our militia is a group of people, mostly volunteers, which serves generally as guards of the city. For example, if a goblin is brave enough to venture inside or near the city, the militia takes care of it. Or if there is a troublemaker in the town, a bar fight, things like that. For more serious threats, we call the military.

Fort Hallgan
This fort serves as the main outpost and lookout against the pirates. All the seasoned veterans are there, with the exception of the trainers, who are mainly in Fort Caladak. Fortunately, its mere presence is enough to deter the pirates from invading. The last fight was pretty disastrous for them, so they will think twice before deciding for another land invasion.

Fort Caladak
Fort Caladak is our training base. There is where the new recruits are trained, and after their training period, they are transferred to Fort Hallgan. They also serve as a lookout for the southern area, but except for a few monsters every once in a while there is not much danger. And, unfortunately, due to the proximity to the winery, they get drunk a lot.

They have a stronghold about 20 KMs North West of here. Eventually we have to go and wipe it out, but right now we have other priorities. Anyway, while they don't dare to attack our mainland, after their last humiliating defeat, they still pose a big problem to our fleet.

Until recently, they invaded our shores at least once a year. Not surprisingly, they left a trail of destruction behind. They killed, kidnapped, burned, pillaged, looted, and, obviously, this was very bad for the population. Constantly fearing for your life, and for the life of your loved ones is unbearable. I learnt it the hard way, when they kidnapped my sister.

*sigh* Blosayina is, or was her name. When she was 11 years old, she was playing on the beach, with some of her friends. That day there was a large pirate invasion, and I guess that my sister was either killed, or taken in captivity. I don't even know which is more 'desirable': being killed, or being forced to live as a slave for all your life...

He was a really intelligent man, but apparently not intelligent enough to save his life. He wanted to build some sort of weapon, something involving polarized, coherent, monochrome light. He EL-DB.comneeded some rubies, and instead of buying them, or asking some fighter to escort him, he went all by himself in the Tahraji cave, never to return. Which is a tragedy, but, well, shit happens.

Latis' Father
I remember him... Lotano was his name, yes.. That was about 10 years ago, wasn't it? I wasn't the mayor, or part of the council at that time, so I don't know much about it. But try to ask Bais, he is the leader of the Chamber of Commerce. His office is in the warehouse.

Nice seeing you, take care.