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NPC: Ofira

Location: Morcraven Marsh Magic Tent

Coordinates: 212, 359

Madame Ofira is a fortune teller waiting to tell you about tomorrow.


Speak the Words

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*The musical tinkling sounds that caught your ear outside the tent are louder here and coming from a woman dressed in bright colors and wearing lots of jewelry. She speaks to you in a low, voice, drawing out the sounds of the words in a sing-song manner.* Greetings. You are in the presence of Madame Ofira, fortune teller extraordinaire. Would you like to know your tomorrow today?

You know my future?
Not yet, but for me it is a simple matter to gaze into your tomorrows and beyond. *You notice the netting in her flowing black hair is interspersed with what look like gold coins and jewels that sparkle when they catch the light. Similar strands holding gold coins fringe her dress producing tinkling sounds as she moves about.*

How do you see it?
My ability to see your future? I began getting impressions about people - like feelings, except that they arrived in my mind like images of things - when I was young. I found them to be confusing, so I mainly kept them to myself. One day, a man came into my life - I was not always a fortune teller, you see. At that very moment, I saw an image of a wedding and I knew he would be the one I would wed.

In spite of my family's objections, I married him and have traveled with him ever since. One day, while riding in a wagon with his grandmother who had approved of our union from the start, she began to tell me about herself. When she told me that the moment she laid eyes on me she had pictured a wedding, I gasped. 'I know, child. You have the sight, too,' she told me.

That's amazing!
From that moment, I spent more and more time with her. It was then that my true education began. What she knew, I soaked up like a sponge. She drove me hard and after each of her clients had left, we talked about our impressions and what they meant. One day, she was too tired to take care of her clients and asked me to do their readings for her. She was in the room with me, testing me.

What objections?
My husband and his entire family are traveling salespeople who drive their wagons from place to place selling small items and taking orders for large things. He was born on the road and has spent his entire life living like that and for them it was only natural that I join them. My father and sisters objected strongly, but I had seen the image. I had to go with him in spite of their displeasure.

And you passed.
That night, around a campfire in the center of our circled wagons, oh such a feast was had. The food was so delicious, the music so uplifting, and the dancing... I danced until my feet hurt. Then, all of a sudden, the music stopped and it was so quiet. My husband's grandmother had stood up, commanding everyone's attention.

'Tonight we celebrate: a new seer is among us.' Heads turned this way and that, but each one settled on me. 'Come, child. Show them what you can do. Tell them all my future.' ThinkinEL-DB.comg it another test, I prepared myself as she had taught me by growing calm. I summoned my ability and gazed with my heart for the first time into her future. 'NO!' I cried. 'NOOooo!'

They objected?
Yes, but that was long ago. Unfortunately, we have not spoken to each other since which has made me sad. A number of years ago, while giving a reading, I broke out into a sweat - I turned red and became hot to the touch. This lasted for several minutes as I tried in vain to cool myself. Needless to say, the reading was ruined. I had frightened my client half to death.

When I regained my composure and thought on what had happened, it suddenly dawned on me that someone close had died. Shortly after that, I received word from Latis that my father had been killed in a fire trying to rescue Latis's father. It all made sense then.

Why are you here?
Instead of wandering the countryside with my husband? I do long to be with him and will be again some day, but for some time now I have sensed a kind of pressure I cannot name. I know that something huge is coming, but I cannot see it yet. I am afraid of it. I fear that all the lights of Draia will be snuffed out by this. *She shudders uncontrollably.*

Who was he?
My father? People knew him as Old Kettle. He was the leader of the Black Cloaks and I think it was his dream for all of his daughters to be affiliated with the brotherhood. But that was not in any of our futures.

Black Cloaks?
They are the defacto government of Morcraven Marsh. They maintain order and peace here as best they're able.

What did you see?
She held me in her arms while I sobbed, tears raining from my eyes. 'Yes, child. I have seen it too. My time draws near. In this way, there is balance and balance is the most important symbol of all.' I felt as though I had been tricked, but in time, I knew it had had to happen that way. Balance must always be maintained and only one seer may hold it at a time.

She died?
Yes, not long after that feast, just as I had seen and I have been a true fortune teller from that day forward. You see, as a seer, symbols are important to me. Look around yourself and EL-DB.comyou will see symbols if you look hard enough: colors, shapes, sounds, textures - everything. Understanding how they all fit together is a gift only another fortune teller can understand.

Only one?
Yes, to maintain a crucial balance. On the day I meet such a gifted one, I too will know that my remaining time grows short.

You get paid for this?
Yes and not always with gold. Throughout my travels, I have been gifted by people from all over Draia with a great supply of magical texts. Symbols of gratitude are never discouraged or turned away. Since I have no use for this knowledge, people are free to view them, respectfully, as they please. They must understand these gifts symbolize gratitude and an honest expression of gratitude is what I value most.

Thank you.
No thanks from you are needed. Thank you for listening to my tale.

Good byes are not needed for I already know you will return. Farewell for now.