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NPC: Old Man

Location: Isla Prima

Coordinates: 145, 151

An elderly person who sits on Isla Prima, telling tales of the gods and the Great War among other things.

Old Man

Speak the Words

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An old man is seated on the ground, you wonder briefly if he is uncomfortable, but he appears quite relaxed despite his age. Perhaps tEL-DB.comhe dirt is softer than it appears. He smiles warmly as he notices you watching. Greeting you, he motions for you to sit down with him.

Greetings wanderer! You are [PLAYER NAME], are you not. *He smiles as you nod.* It is good to meet you. The gods bless me with the pleasure of meeting many travelers here on Draia.

Who are you?
Who am I? *He chuckles.* That is not important I'm afraid, YOU are the important one here.

The divine rulers of our lands, there are many of them! Some more widely worshipped than others, some largely forgotten. But doubtless you will become familiar with names such as Aluwen and Mortos soon enough. Those are two of our more commonly worshipped gods.

This world! It is the dirt you stand on, the air you breathe, the tree behind me. All of this is Draia. You are part of Draia now as well. Whoever you might have been before, you are now a Draian regardless of what blasphemers might tell you.

I'm afraid there are those in this world who would have you believe it was not made by the gods. That you were not brought here by their divine providence, that you came by ridiculous means to this place. Atekel the mage is one that gives such false histories. *The man appears to look very furious.* I beg you, believe only the truth. You are free to write your own story and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Truth
That this is Draia. That we were created by the gods, as was the world around us, that through the ages of the world our races have persevered through hardships. The most horrible of which is the recent Great War, which still has left is scars on the land.

Great War
Mere years ago the greatest war that our world has known since the fabled War of the Gods ravaged our lands. Dark beasts trapped beneath the ground for countless years were lEL-DB.comed forth by the dark god Mortos. The gods fought amongst themselves once more as our homes were destroyed, families torn apart, and entire civilizations wiped from existence.

As the war ended, when at last Aluwen had gathered the gods to her side to end the strife, Mortos made his final horrible act. He placed a curse upon our world. The Curse of Mortos we call it. Ever since, our world has not been the same.

The dark god of combat and destruction, death. His creatures are the foul monsters that still plague our lands and those of other races which pledge themselves to them. Please do not turn to such evil! He turns race against race, brother against brother. All the strife in our world is his doing. Along with the other gods of darkness.

The Curse
Yes, The Curse of Mortos, the curse that was placed so that no monster would ever truly die. Goblin, orc, ogre, troll, all manner of foul creatures. You will find many of those and more in the land. With the curse, none of them truly die, they return again and again and we are forced to endlessly attempt to destroy them.

Other Gods
There are many gods, as I have said. Selain is another of deceit. Yet they are rivaled by Aluwen, the goddess of life and healing. Elandria is another god of good that stands with her. Then there is Unolas the god of magic...

Magic? Can I do magic?
*He laughs as you cut him off with the question.* I'm afraid I'm not a magician. However The Magic School of Tarsengaard is one of the finest magic schools in Seridia, go speak with Grandmaster Jerun there if you wish to perform magic.

Tell me more about Draia
I'm afraid there's far more to tell than I could possibly ever remember. Draia is a wide place, to learn about it you must explore for yourself and talk to everyone you meet.

Well how about this isle?
Well I guess I can spoil your adventures a bit. *He chuckles slightly.* This is what we call Isla Prima. Some of the strongesEL-DB.comt warriors and most renowned mixers have started their journeys here. Who knows, perhaps you will follow in their footsteps!

This is only a small part of the continent we call Seridia. If you are feeling ambitious, there is a dock to the southwest - leads to a mighty large region called White Stone. Very easy to get lost in and it's dangerous at night. There's these stone beasties called gargoyles that roam, but they freeze in daylight. I suggest going to Desert Pines instead. It's much more friendly for those unfamiliar with these lands.

Just look for the boat at the White Stone port with a deer on its flag. It will take you to the town of Corren, Desert Pines. Captain Ios can be found down near the docks. He can explain our boat routes much better than I could.

But back to Isla Prima, or I.P., as it is commonly referred to. It's a very simple island here. The tavern is the hot spot on the island, run by the beautiful Reca. Talented young lady she is - very skilled with her potions. You'll also find Lasud around these parts, too.

She was hired by Lord Luxin to find those who are in need of guidance. She can point you on the right path if you're feeling lost. And of course, there's our most famous patron, The Wraith. Don't be fearful of his ghostly appearance, he is only here to help. Speak with him to learn the services he offers.

Isla Prima is also known for its abundance in animals. Lots of beavers, rats and rabbits for any new fighter to train on.

Aluwen is to light and goodness as Mortos is to dark and destruction. She is the guiding light to those who follow the righteous path and the defender of mankind. Those who follow her are bent on fighting the dark forces of Mortos to free the lands from his curse! Seek her temple in the Forest of the Fall if you wish to join her cause.

Good luck! Remember to EL-DB.combelieve only the truth!