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NPC: Omri

Location: Tarsengaard Seridian Academy of Science and Engineering

Coordinates: 240, 29

Headmaster of the engineering school in Tarsengaard.


Speak the Words

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*An obviously irked man sits upon the bench, mumbling what sounds like very offensive words and grumbling incoherently as he scribbles on a large pile of papers sitting before him. You clear your tEL-DB.comhroat to announce you are in the room and his demeanor completely changes. He greets you with a surprisingly genuine smile.* Hello there! Welcome to the Seridian Academy of Science and Engineering.

Who are you?
You don't know my name? Blast, I told them I should have my name above the entrance. Well, no bother. My name is Omri and I am the headmaster of this fine establishment.

Science and Engineering
Are you not familiar with the mechanics of how the world works and how machines, magic, and even living beings operate? That's what we teach here at this academy, focusing mainly on the engineering aspect. Seridia, after all, isn't flourishing with well-known engineers. Most engineers you find are lurking in Mynadar and Nordcarn or under the contract of someone powerful.

Are you bipolar?
*He laughs heartily.* Heavens, no. I'm assuming you're talking about the spectacle I made as you walked in? Let me just say I've been quite horrified with the abysmal work my students have been doing lately, hence the rather annoyed attitude. However, when I see a fresh face or a bright student walk in, it cheers me up instantaneously.

Most engineers
The gnomes, of course, are naturally gifted engineers. It's as if something in their little minds clicks when it comes to the skill, but most the gnomes on this continent can be found in Nordcarn and Mynadar because the dwarves took them under their wing when no one else would. That was a very smart political move if you ask me. Now King Gondric has a plethora of gnomes that pledge their allegiance to him.

And of course, they bring their vast amounts of specialization and knowledge to the table. I wouldn't be surprised if the dwarven kingdom became the most dominating force on Seridia one day because of it. Of course, the other gnomes are either busy working in the magic school with a grandmaster or aiding Lord Luxin with defense strategies. That leaves me to train the engineers of tomorrow.

But you're not a gnome.
*He looks obviously frustrated again.* It doesn't matter if I'm not a gnome, I still am an engineer. *He snarls briefly but returns to a calm manner.* My apologies. You do not know how often I hear such blasphemy. It gets to be quite irksome.

Abysmal work
*He sighs.* I feel that engineering is such a new skill to those here on Seridia that not many prodigies have made their way out of the woodwork yet, so to speak. This leaves me hoping that every nEL-DB.comew student I take under my wing will one day become a great engineer. This is why I do not turn anyone away from my school, you never know when the next Crusher, Diesel or Mechanicus will turn up.

He's a gnome I met on the isle of Arius: a cleric of LaForge. He has some very interesting talents in terms of engineering. I like to call him a reverse engineer. He is able to take something apart and understand how it works and then he'll be able to replicate the invention or repair it. A very useful skill on his isle, especially when the inventions go haywire.

Oh have you never visited Arius? You must certainly go one day! There are many wonderous machines and gadgets there that you will find no place else. It's definitely a must-see spectacle.

Diesel is the high priest of my god, LaForge. While he may be small and frail in stature, he makes up for it in his vast understanding of technology and his powerful mind for new inventions. Even though technology is considered to be a wonderful and intricate ideology, he still prefers to keep it simple - as evident by LaForge's temple.

If you ever make your way to Arius or choose to serve LaForge, be sure you bring a device that helps with your vision in the darkness. *He can tell you look confused.* Just trust me, it will come in handy.

The god of all that I teach! Most gnomes worship LaForge as well as engineers of all races. I have studied heavily under the teachings of LaForge and will often have lengthy discussions with Yoanna about them. She's the only one on this continent that seems to be on the same level as me.

*He looks a tad flustered.* He is my idol and role model! He is a master in his own right and a pioneer in his field. He's one of the first to combine science with magic and create a wide array of new spells and gadgets! I can't even begin to talk about how amazing he is!

You must meet her if you already haven't. Yoanna is the only cleric of LaForge here on Seridia. While I have the knowledge and discipline to be a cleric aEL-DB.coms well, I feel my talents are better served as a teacher. Last time I spoke with Yoanna, she was planning on spreading the word of LaForge in White Stone.

May your sails be ever full, my friend. Farewell.