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NPC: Onyx

Location: Tahraji Desert

Coordinates: 166, 262

A sports writer for the Association of Scribes and Scholars, she goes to various arenas such as the summoning arena in Tahraji Desert and reports on what happens at them.


Speak the Words

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*You're surprised to see a female Orchan sitting in the stands when you would naturally expect to see onEL-DB.come competing for glory and honor in the arena before you. As you approach, you're able to catch her eye.*

Who are you?
I'm Onyx. What do you think of 'bloodbath'?

No thanks. I showered.
Very funny, but it wasn't an invitation to bathe in blood.

Is that healthy?
Not for the loser of the competition. I'm just trying to come up with colorful words to describe the loss. Listing team names and scores isn't snappy enough.

Why not?
It was my editor's idea to use more colorful language to entice our readers to actually read our stories. 'You need to get our readers to relive the action, to feel the exhilaration, and the pain of combat,' is what she said. So here I am, trying to figure out the best words to use.

Ahhh. I sense your confusion. Please forgive me. I'm a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. Chariste is my editor. She works at our headquarters in Idaloran. If you help me out, I promise to protect your identity.

Protect my identity
Loyalty is the central tenet of our core beliefs at the paper, therefore we reporters always protect our sources. You can rest assured that anything you tell us will be held in strictest confidence unless you give us permission to reveal you as our source of information. But for today, what I'm doing is more of a survey.

You're a sports writer?
Yes. The spirit of competition gets my blood hot. This arena is great because not only can I see summoning battles occur, but also normal battles. It's not the other arenas I've visited. Sure, I could write about the guy digging in the dirt, the cleric, or the warrior, but to me, they're just not very interesting.

Ok, I'll help.
Great! Thanks. Ok, which sounds most like defeat: bloodbath, slaughter, or annihilation?

What guy?
Some guy is digging around in the ruins near here. He draws pictures of what he sees and talks about history which puts me right to sleep. His name is Urabi. He's been pestering me to write about his first significant find, but I told him it's not my area of expertise. I don't think he understands how reporters work.

Which cleric?
Oren is who I'm talking about. He works for Izet. Someday I'll have to ask him who Izet is supposed to be. He may just be making that name up... I even heard him talking to himself on several occasions.

Who's the warrior?
Her name is Lehha, but come ON. A human woman who is a warrior? My grandmother could take her on with both hands tied behind her back.

Good point. I see what you mean. It would naturally depend on how great the loss was. Thanks. I also use alliteration to try to make the story more interesting - just another trick I've learned to use.

Sure, by repeating some sounds. Like this: 'The Portland Pirates plundered the Porcupines of Desert Pines today...' and then I write in the score. Just don't read it aloud near someone else: spitting is clearly possible and people don't like to be on the receiving end of it. Sorry if I just did that.

I think they're some sort of mythical beast that are able to shoot poisoned barbs at enemies. Anyway, you've given me quite a bit to think about and I appreciate it. Thanks.

Tell me more about this arena.
Let me guess, you assume because I am a reporter that I know the background of every location I visit? *She stares you down, then laughs.* Well you assumed correctly. This arena actually is one of the only structures that survived the destruction of Matajin. The supports were actually so far in the ground that when this part of Tahraji collapsed into the sea, the supports held the structure in place.

So now you have this final remnant of Matajin floating out here in the ocean. Some mages transformed it into a summoning arena after having visited it. Now only the best and bravest travel here to fight, with a high risk of having to battle with both their summoning and fighting skills. Do you think the skulls in the center are just decoration? I don't think so!

Other arenas
I'm also an avid visitor to the arenas in Desert Pines and Nordcarn - many battles occur there. The Grahm's Village Summoning Arena also provides plenty of stories as well since the Red Snake and Blue Falcon guilds are always at war. You should check them out sometime.

Bye. Don't get killed.