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NPC: Orcelius

Location: White Stone White Stone City Palace

Coordinates: 92, 158

A master of games in White Stone City Palace. Though he has no actual games.


Speak the Words

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A handsome young man stands atop the balcony, with a collection of notes, maps and scrolls in his hand. 'Hey EL-DB.comthere. Did you come to see if there was a new game to play? Or perhaps you have a question about the rules.'

Who are you?
My name is Orcelius, and I am the Game Master for the Luxins. Don't let my age fool you, I have a brilliant mind for riddles and game planning.

The rules are very simple. All games will start, and end here with me. The games all vary in length and difficulty. Some will be short and sweet, while others will be lengthy and difficult. The reward will depend on how difficult the game is. Now the game itself is a game of riddles. I will give you a riddle, and you must decipher what the riddle means.

The riddle itself will describe a specific item or creature some where in the world... it literally could be any where! If it is a creature, you must kill it to obtain the clue. If it is an item, I have concealed a clue somewhere on it. And there is a small chance you will need to use an item on one of my clue objects to obtain the hint. But that's up to you to determine.

New game
I'm working on a new game idea as we speak. Check back another time.

Game Master
The royal family gets bored from time to time, so I am here to provide a different type of entertainment for them. And not just them, but visiting dignitaries, lords, ladies, ambassadors and other visitors. My games have even been made available to the public. They took the idea from Lord Quinticus, when he was still in power.

I'm pretty sure you can figure out who they are... I mean you are in their palace after all. Lord Luxin usually hangs out around outside, while Lady Luxin prefers to stay inside the castle walls. Don't tell them, but I think I prefer the other White Stone castle to this one.

Other White Stone castle
Vermor Castle, of course. Whilst I like having a steady and comfortable job here in White Stone City, I'm an adventurer at heart. The first time I stepped foot into Vermor whEL-DB.comen I was 13-years-old, my inner explorer was born. After exploring every crevice of that castle, avoiding the monsters, and discovering all its secrets... I yearned for more.

So that's when I left home here in the city. I explored every land on all the continents, learning about their legends, cultures, and secrets. By the time I reached adulthood, I had more miles logged than any I have ever met. I've become a sponge of knowledge, and I use that knowledge to concoct my game plans. Plus, this job allows me to continue to travel.

Sorry, but I never reveal my secrets, or those of others for that matter. If you want to know about a secret location, you'll have to discover it for yourself. *He smirks.*

Continue to travel
Well, who do you think sets up the games? I do! I use my magic to travel all across the world to set up my games, and hide the clues for the game players. With all the teleportation I do, my magic skills have increased dramatically ever since obtaining this position.

Lord Quinticus
He was once the ruler of Carmien Manor. Some say he is still the rightful Lord, but he hasn't been heard from in years and is presumed dead. But if you visit that monster-infested manor, you'll find that his butler Gustav is still waiting for him faithfully. But before South Kilaran became what it is today, Quinticus would host fantastic parties, all themed around his Game Master's plans.

In fact, the Carmien Game Master is still alive and well. Actually, well might not be the correct word to describe him. He lives in the ruins of Carmien Village, and he's, how should I put it, insane. Some person or event broke him, and his mind has never recovered.

I've had a few conversations with him and whilst he has a couple moments of clarity from time to time, I fear his mind is beyond the point of recovery. But meet him for yourself and decide. His name is Bakart. If you can smell stale wine on the wind, I'm sure you'll be able to find Bakart close by.

See you around!