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NPC: Oscar

Location: Nordcarn

Coordinates: 93, 136

Archery expert who is not shy at bragging about it.


Speak the Words

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As you are walking, you notice a strikingly handsome man staring at you. His big smilEL-DB.come reveals a mouth full of pearly white teeth, around which he is rolling a toothpick.

Who are you?
Pardon me? I would hold back on the attitude, because I can put an arrow through your skull at 91 meters with this bow...*His smile never fades* That's right... they call me Oscar.

I have two jobs, both of which I am by far the best at. You could ask around town, but I don't mind telling you. Hell, I've won every archery contest I've ever entered and there is not a Dragon in Seridia or Irilion that is safe from my bow. I am a hunter by trade. My father began taking me on hunting trips for Goblins when I was a young boy. As my skill rapidly improved, we began hunting Chimerans in Tirnym.

As I grew older my skill became greater, and I moved here to Nordcarn use my skills to kill invading monsters from Southern Kilaran. Although I believe I should be paid for my services, I also volunteer in the local militia.

Glad to hear it, but I already knew it. Anyway, do you have another silly question I can answer, or are you gonna stand there all day staring at me, staring at you? *The arrogance of this man is annoying, but something about him intrigues your curiosity*

Yes, it is a one of kind. It was hand made by the only person I have ever met who was better than me with a bow. His name was Jason and he taught me everything I know...which is more than just about anyone. *You notice that somehow his smile gets bigger and wonder how that is possible* But, he got married and now I am the only one left to torment the people of this town.

He left it to me as a present because his wife is a pacifist and refuses to let it enter the house. That's fine by me. This bow has a magical enchantment that helps strengthen the accuracy of the shot. Do you want to hold it? *He holds it out as if to give it to you, then yanks it back* Haha...I bet you do.

Silly question
Of course! You wouldn't ask an expert to give up his secrets without being paid, and my time is expensive. You are wasting it by asking silly questions. My fame grows with every monster I kill, and the for my time becomes more expensive. *He holds out his hand and gives you a smirk* How much are you gonna pay me? *You think he can't be serious, but just in case he is, you hurry up and change the subject*

Ahhh Jason. I met him while hunting an Ice Dragon in Hulda. I had the damn thing pinned against a wall when suddenly it whipped its tail and took my feet out from under me. Vicious creatures they are, and for someone like you, certain death. But, I nimbly recovered from the blow and fired a magic arrow into it's heart just before I became Dragon food. *You sense him boasting*

Unfortunately, it's momentum carried it forward and it landed on me. *His smile fades slightly* I must have laid there for two days unable to get out from under the stinky beast until Jason showed up. Apparently, he had been tracking it too. Even through the stench of dead Dragon, I could smell the mead on Jason's breath.

He freed me from certain death and we spent the night skinning the Dragon and drinking till we puked. *He chuckles heartily and smiles again*

Hell, I only joke around with them. Sometimes Custan gets all pissy about it, but it's not like he is going to fire his best archer. Besides, what else am I gonna do when there is no invasion, no creatures to shoot at, and I still have to watch my post. So yeah, I throw a few arrows around town to get a few laughs. *Once again, you are amazed that his smile can get bigger, but somehow it does*

People like Hawkins are just goody-two-shoes that get on my nerves. And Druppel doesn't even know what's going on! *He laughs so long at this, that you wonder if the joke is on you*

You know, you should listen when I talk. You might learn something. Yes, I am a hunter. Remember, I told you my father taught me when I was younger. *He shakes his head at your stupidity*

Nordcarn's guard is composed entirely of volunteers like myself. Although, none are worth their weigEL-DB.comht in gold, like me. I walk the walls of Nordcarn and keep it safe from monsters and thieves alike.

Yeah, Jason was a drunk. That is the only reason his name is not as famous as mine. And since I was a good friend of his, I always kept his glass full. *He winks* When Jason was sober, his arrow was as accurate and deadly as the finger of any god. But drunk, he was as accurate as the rest of the Elf kind... not accurate at all, if you ask me. *He lets out another long laugh*

Every Elf I have ever known was nowhere near as good as I am. They are however, the best manufacturers of bows and arrows, and they are all drunks... Don't let them tell you any different.

He is the leader of the militia. You can find him just down the road. He is a fairly smart man, but could use some more experience if you ask me. If you tell him I said that, you might hear an arrow whizzing by your ear. Understand? *He winks, and this time you are pretty sure he is serious*

Yeah, you can find her down by the arena. She goes on and on about gods, the proper path of the archer and all that nonsense. She is just jealous because I win archery contests, and she doesn't have the nerve to step up and try...but that is all she would do...try. One day, she might just anger me enough to throw an arrow past her ear. She and Kohtag are two peas in a pod.

Ha! Usually she can be found over by the pond. I shoot arrows past her ears and she is so deaf she thinks they are mosquitos! *He can barely finish the story from laughter *Haha, you should she her swatting at her ears, and then dropping her bucket is so funny!

He is as stinky as a Desert Chimeran and just as dumb. You should see him run when I shoot at him. Why do I shoot at him? Because he thinks that one day I will 'come to him.' Ha! He will be surprised when I live forever!

Bloody bastards keep stealing supplies from the city. If I ever see someone one suspicious sneaking around, they're going to get an arrow shot rigEL-DB.comht at them! You let me know if you see one of the thieves... there has to be hundreds of them working together to steal as much loot as they have!

If I looked as silly as you, I would have better things to do too! *As you walk away, you hear the sound of a bow string being stretched and wonder if he is aiming at you*