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NPC: Osold

Location: Port Anitora

Coordinates: 253, 185

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Lost Scroll

Sells books in Port Anitora of questionable origin.


Speak the Words

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Due to multiple options when speaking, text below may not be in comprehensive order.

(This text only appears during initial discussion with OEL-DB.comsold. Once you start his quest, it's never seen again.)

The Dwarven merchant eyes your pockets greedily "Psst. You there. Yeah, you. Come 'ere, I wanna show you somethin'."

Who are you
Today's your lucky day, my friend. You've just entered Osold's (that's me) Used Book Emporium. Just take a look at all the fine titles I have to offer and, just between you and me, everything I'm selling here today is hot.

Keep your voice down, you want the Port Authority closin' me down? Of course they're not stolen. I just meant that these books are so "in-demand" I can't keep enough of them in stock and there's a ship comin' and goin' from here all the time. An entrepreneur like you could make millions reselling these books and because I like you, I'll let you have every last one of them for a measly 500,000.

Sure it sounds like a lot, but you gotta spend money to make money I always say. And I can sell 'em so cheap because I don't have all the overhead Tanta has over there.

Yeah. Take a look at Tanta. WhEL-DB.comat's she got that I ain't got?

Class? Integrity? Products worth buying?
You cut me to the quick. Sure, she's got that decked out booth and prime location, but just between you and me, her prices are so high because of her over-priced, big-city marketing consultant.

Yeah. Every now and then her consultant shows up and they have a big conflab, but you know what Tanta's doin' when there ain't no customers around? She's runnin' around pickin' up sticks an' driftwood. DRIFTwood! That's why the beaches here are so clean. An' then she's passin' it off to tourists as somethin' all powerful and impressive. Well ya know what? We can do that too, ya know what I mean?

Actually, no I don't
Look at what I'm practically giving away here and tell me what you see.

A dingy copy of Orchan Basket Weaving for Dummies?
Ahhh No! You don't get it! It's not a book about basket weaving; it's a Book of Death! Yeah! And just look at how many of them I've got for you to sell to your friends. I'm tellin' ya, you'll be rich! And even though you're tearing out my very soul, I'll let you walk away with it all for just 400,000. I'll even throw in as many of those flowers over here some guys left on their way to the airport. What do ya say?

But the title...
Trust me. If someone's whacking you over the head with a book, do ya think they're wondering what's on the cover? Come on, I'm dyin' here and I've got eight starving children at home. What do ya say?

I'll have to think about it.
You don't have time to think about it. You walk away and the whole deal is off. I'll be sellin' this stuff to the next mark... I mean customer who walks by and then you'll be kickin' yourself for not accepting my overly generous and final offer of 380,000. Come on. Do it. You know you want to.

I've thought about it, and the answer is No.
Fine, you cheap so and so. You couldn't afford quality stuff like this anyway! Oh well, nevermind, I guess you are not that as the others. Say, are you interested in doing something for me? There is a reward involved, you'll like it, I know you will!

Straight to the point, eh? I have a few books that can help you. Something for archery and fighting. Cool stuff!

A quest?
It's nothing dangerous, and I am sure someone as smart as you can do it. I am interested in obtaining a special scroll.. It is rumored that the captain Kotlan of the ship Bladewake had this scroll at one time. Unfortunately, his ship sunk a few years ago. No one knows exactly where, but it set sail from Portland so the people there might know more. If you find the wreck the scroll might be there.

There might be other stuff in the wreck, if you find you can be a rich man! So what do you say, do you want to get my scroll?

Ok, it better be worth it!
I knew I can count on you! Let me know as soon as you find it!