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NPC: Paige

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 68, 136

A woman taking in the teachings of Elandria at the waters in Sedicolis.


Speak the Words

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*A beautiful woman rests along side the pond. With only a glance, you can tell there is something divine about her presence. She hears your EL-DB.comfootsteps on the stone and greets you.* Hi there. Have you come to bask in glory of the elements as I? She smiles when you enjoy her gifts.

Who are you?
My name is Paige, it certainly is a pleasure to meet you. *She nods her head.* Did you seek me out searching for guidance?

Who is she?
Elandria of course. Her teachings preach of the majesty of the four elements - they balance each other. This is my favorite spot to experience all four elements at once. Regardless of the goblins that roam this area, the atmosphere is so serene.

Take a deep breath of this fresh air. Feel the sturdy ground beneath your feet. Look at the beautiful pool of water that sits before us. Enjoy the warmth radiating from within you. The four elements - air, earth, water and fire - are the ultimate balance of the world. You will find them anywhere you look.

We would not survive without them. You will even find the Grandmasters have adopted the balance into their beings.

Jerun is of wind and his opposite would be Rivena, who is of earth. Just as Jerun is male and Rivena is female. Then there is Osreng, who is of water, and Nerala who is of fire. They are also male and female counterparts. Without one of the Grandmasters, one element would be too overpowered and disastrous things could occur. I know back in Palon Vertas, where Master Osreng presides over the magic school,

he has the entire school surrounded by lava. I have even heard his private chambers are also surrounded with lava. He finds peace in balance, and the lava provides the necessary counterbalance to his powerful water magic.

You know a lot about the elements
It is the area I focus upon in Elandria's teachings. The Lore of Elandria is very intense, as are the lores of other deities, so I found it more useful to be well-versed in a certain aspect and havEL-DB.come a general knowledge of the rest. It is a lot to learn and I'm not the best at memorizing things. *She giggles embarrassedly.* I have found some very interesting information in the lore, however.

Interesting information
I have already discussed the four main elements: fire, water, earth and air. But in some passages of the Lore, it speaks of 6 elements. At first, I thought light and darkness may be the two mentioned elements, but I found no further information in the Lore. After researching in the catacombs found deep within the Cave of Merciful Tears, I learned the remaining elements are actually wood and metal.

There are very few mentions of these elements anywhere, but they are too opposites that balance each other. It makes me wonder how metal and wood play into the balance of the world like the four main elements do, though.

Well, if you did not know, I am the Sister of Elandria for the Palon Vertas shrine. When I do not have to worry about my sisterly duties, it is rather common knowledge you can find me in Sedicolis. I did grow up here after all. *She smiles.*

You grew up here?
Yes I did. The city of Sedicolis may not seem like much, but it molded me into the person I am today. My parents were simple merchants and I certainly didn't live a life of luxury. I learned young, especially with all the resources available in Sedicolis, that I was very talented when it came to alchemy. My parents even saved up money so they could send me to learn at the

Emerald Valley Trade Route Alchemy School. It was there that I learned of the teachings of Elandria. A wandering cleric that came to speak of Elandria at the school inspired me that I must too spread the good word. That's how I ended up in Palon Vertas' shrine. I still enjoy coming back here to help the towns folk with whatever they may need. I even helped Frawlin find a faith.

He is the local garbage man. It's not the most luxurious of jobs, but he does it well. Sorry, allow me to correct myself. Frawlin calls himself a sanitation engineer - a title he created after finding a place in the service of LaForge. While it may not be the path of Elandria, I am glad that he found his place in the world. But then there are people like Fgirr who don't appreciate it as I do.

He is a mason - most likely working on the reparations of the city walls. He is a friendly dwarf, but he sees Frawlin's title as a self-righteous, braggart act. I've tried talking sense into him, but I guess the dwarven stubbornness runs through his veins like most of his kind. *She shrugs.*

I am one of four sisters who occupy the shrine. Irilion, unlike Seridia, does not have many lavish temples to worship the Gods. The temples we do have are too far for many to travel, so the people rely upon smaller denominations to lead their religious ceremonies. Although we gladly accept all faiths, the shrine is lead by a sister representing the gods Elandria, Aluwen, Jayden and Unolas.

The other sisters, like me, do not stray too far from the shrine. I know a couple find solace in the magic school when they are not leading the services.

It was a pleasure talking to you. If you seek the guidance of Elandria, you know where to find me.