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NPC: Palmer

Location: White Stone

Coordinates: 187, 142

Runs a wagon rental service in Grahm's Village.


Speak the Words

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You see a man standing in a booth, looking nervously over his ledgers. He sees you approaching, and his expression instantly changes to something cheerful. 'Hello! Welcome to Rent-a-wagon!'

Who are you?
I'm Palmer, the proprietor of this fine rental service.

What would I need a wagon for?
Well, that is completely up to you. Perhaps you need a wagon to help you move houses. Or maybe you need to hull your harvests to the local market, but you can't carry it all yourself. We're here at your convenience. But when business is slow, I run my own delivery business.

Is something the matter?
Oh nothing that a little back-tracking won't fix. Being a one-man kind of show, it's hard to keep track of everything.

Delivery business
Have to pay the bills somehow! *He smirks* I just keep it local to White Stone. I pick up incoming shipments at the dock and deliver them to the various patrons of the region who ordered them. And other times, I have to deliver shipments to the docks before the boats set sail. It's all about the deadlines. Sometimes it can make the schedule very hectic and confusing.

Why just White Stone? Why not expand?
I could, but it's just me running the business. And White Stone itself is huge! Between Tirnwood and White Stone City, I don't really have a need to expand my business to the surrounding regions.

Well Raven is located just east of Tirnwood Vale, and she is one of the most well-known storages on the continent. That brings a lot of business to that area, so the Elves are frequent customers. Raven herself is one of my best customers.

White Stone City
Talk about living in the lap of luxury. The people of White Stone City have cash to burn and are really the ones who drive the EL-DB.comlocal economy. Look at their streets and buildings, completely made of expensive white stone. They are kind of snobby though.

Many of the locals in this village and Lakeside are happy to let you enter their homes without an invitation, but most of the residents in White Stone keep their doors locked. Pretty rude if you ask me.

Come again soon! Remember, Rent-A-Wagon for all your wagon needs!