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NPC: Patrick

Location: Nordcarn Nordcarn South Cave

Coordinates: 182, 85

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Dagger Training

A shady man who is not very trusting of your purpose for being there.


Speak the Words

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You barely notice a hooded figure in front of a ruined passageway. The figure eyes you cautiouslEL-DB.comy as you approach and places his hand into his robe. You can see the faint outline of a dagger.

I mean you no harm.
*The figure takes his hand off of his dagger. It's revealed he is a male human when he pulls his hood back slightly.* You better keep your word or my knife will quickly be at your throat. What business do you have here?

Who are you?
The name people know me by doesn't matter. In fact, it's better if you do not know it, so you may call me Patrick. That name is safe enough to know.

Why the precaution?
*He smirks with his dark smile.* Let's just say I need to be prepared just in case Custan or his men come looking for me. I have a pretty nice haul stowed away in here and there is no chance they are getting it back.

I'm looking for rubies.
It seems you are looking in the wrong part of the cave then. The rubies are located in the far west portion of the cave, but I wouldn't go near them if I were you. They are supposed to be cursed.

Ya you know, like bad magic cast on them to make those who try to steal them suffer. Those gems are mighty tempting to take for myself, but I will not unleash its evil upon my being. May Xiao protect me from such if I ever do.

Exploring. What is this place?
A cave, isn't it obvious? *He can tell you aren't satisfied with his answer.* Well, if you really must know, this cave used to be part of the city of Nordcarn. If you've ever been in the depths of Mynadar, it was a city much like that. Dwarves like the underground after all. Anyway, many years back, a magical gateway was opened in the center of the city, dropping hordes of beasts upon the city.

At the same time, the Nordcarn treasury was plundered, as if both events were planned to occur simultaneously.The aftermath was pretty disastrous, as you can tell when looking around. REL-DB.comumor has it that the last of the living citizens placed a curse on the ruins, stating that if anyone dares to steal from them in the afterlife as well, bad fortune will come upon them.

I'm a very superstitious fella, so I don't dare take anything of value from this cave. You can sometimes sense the spirits of the dead still roaming this cavern, too. *He shivers.* I will at times guide one of the locals to insure her protection from these spirits.

How do you know all of this?
What? *He glares at you.* Just because I'm a thief means I can't know history? I'll have you know that there are plenty of interesting accounts to read in the libraries about this cave. Since I live.. er.. hide here, I should know who its former occupants were, correct? Plus I needed to know why hordes of monsters still randomly appear in this cave.

Apparently the gateway was never completely sealed and some beasts still escape from time to time. No matter, I can deal with whatever beast comes my way. Or when worse comes to worst, my cloak helps to conceal me.

It's called a Cape of Passive Camouflage and it allows me to be nearly invisible to any living creature. It comes in handy when I'm sneaking around town.

Hm, are you dense? Most people assume by my appearance that I am a low-life - and they assume correctly. I've found that my best skills are sneaking around and pilfering loot. Don't judge me for my way of life...or else. *His hand goes back to his dagger briefly.*

The foolish dwarf is in charge of the Nordcarn militia, which also acts as the law enforcement for the city. I've eluded him so many times, it's actually become a bore to hide from him. But his men are a different story. They've seen war, unlike their leader, and they are much more difficult to escape from. Buni has nearly caught me several times, but, thank Xiao, I am still free.

*He glances at the barrels.* EL-DB.comThat's none of your concern.

He is the god I devote myself to. He takes pity upon those in my industry and in turn, we pay homage to him. If I had only been born an elf, I could be part of his sacred clan.

Sacred clan
You've not heard of the Nightshade Clan? For the better I guess. If you wish to know more about them, try your luck in Tirnym. Word of advice though: don't make any sudden movements. *He bellows out a demented sort of laugh that sends a chill down your spine.*

One of the locals
Her name is Druppel and she reminds me a lot of my late grandmother. My grandmother is the one who raised me from birth and I just feel a natural affinity toward this dwarven woman. Do not see this as a sign of weakness or I shall slit your throat without a second thought.

Goodbye. Oh, I forgot to mention. If you tell anyone that I am here, I'll slit your throat. Ok? Great. Have a good one.