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NPC: Pickle

Location: Southern Kilaran Field

Coordinates: 54, 72

A member of the Black Cloaks who hangs out in Southern Kilaran.


Speak the Words

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A young Elven man is seated upon a crate at the fire pit. He appears to be tEL-DB.comreating a wound on his foot and doesn't seem to be too pleased with himself.

Who are you?
*He glances up briefly* You can call me Pickle... everyone else does. *He continues tending his wound*

What happened?
If you must know, I was exploring Carmien Village when a falcon swooped down to grab a rat that happened to be scurrying around my feet, which in turn, threw me off balance and caused me to land in a hole. Of course, with my luck, it was no ordinary hole. No, this hole was filled with shards of glass... shards that ended up cutting through my boots and slicing my foot.

I should probably just start lying about my accidents and tell people stories like 'I saved 20 children from a burning building but stepped on some glass in the process' or 'I fought off a hoard of ogres while a damsel in distress ran to safety and they stabbed me in the foot.' Lucky for me, I found this chap named Jolt, who this camp belongs to.

He's been letting me stay here while I conduct my business here in SKF and there are plenty of medical supplies too. *He looks around* I just wonder where Jolt is... I haven't seen him in a while - I hope he's all right. There's another fellow by the name of Gazhanar who stays in this camp as well.

That's an odd name.
Yeah.. and not a very flattering one either. You see, I belong to a group called the Black Cloaks. Everyone, but our leader, goes by nicknames in the clans. It's mainly to promote the brotherhood - we throw out our birth names and use the nicknames our brothers... *he pauses* ... and sisters... give us. Aaron gave me the nickname Pickle because I always seem to be getting into pickles. No, not the food...

A pickle is like a problem or a major obstacle or just an overall difficult situation... one that is less than desirable. I'm so accident-prone that I always end up in pickles. Aaron is typically the one who bails me out of these situations, but as such, he deemed me with the nickname of Pickle. Some brothers use my nickname casually. Others, like Bronne, use it to taunt me. *He sighs*

Black Cloaks
You know how most regions on this continent have some form of mayor, governor, lord, king, et cetera? Well, for Morcraven Marsh, the closest thing to a government is us. We keep the peace, deal EL-DB.comwith foreign relations and make sure everything is fine for our people. You'll find most of the Black Cloaks in Morcraven itself, but there are a few of us, like myself, out on special missions.

After Old Kettle, the late leader of the Black Cloaks, passed away, Aaron was the best candidate to be the next leader. He's fair, strong, courageous and an overall upstanding guy. He's the type of guy that will listen to you complain for an hour without trying to stop you... or be the first one to stop petty squabbles. Frankly, I don't know where I'd be without him, he did recruit me against all odds too.

Well, it's actually just sister. Vixen is the only 'sister' within the Brotherhood. She's very attractive for a human, but I'm not the type that's going to drool over her like some of the other brothers. This is a Brotherhood, not a brothel. Plus, she could probably blow your head off without even trying. *He smirks briefly*

*He winces* Bad nickname for him. He lucked out because he's all muscle... but in retrospect he probably should have been nicknamed 'smart-ass'. He's out on a mission too; in Tarsengaard. If you ever cross paths with him, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. *He rolls his eyes and grunts*

Against all odds
Well, if you meet the rest of the Brotherhood, you'll notice they are mostly human. I'm an exception to the rule; the only Elven male in all of the Black Cloaks. As far as I know, no one really objected to having me join, but I think some of them still doubt my combat capabilities.

Well, that is something I can't tell you. All of our missions are for Brotherhood ears only. I can tell you, however, I wasn't expecting to find anyone inhabiting this land. I'm currently working on subject profiles of all the people I've known to be in the area.

Combat capabilities
*His mood appears to perk up slightly* I actually trained with one of the assassins of the Nightshade Clan in Tirnym. They are professional killers and many of them have amazing combat skills. Lucky for me, I befriended one at a young age, and he taught me everything I needed to know as a personal favor. While I may not be as silent and nimble as a Nightshade Clan member, I still know plenty of ways to kill my foe.

Who else is here?
*He rummages through his notes for a minute* Let's see. So far I have a profilEL-DB.come on Bakart, Buni, Colton, Gazhanar, Gustav, Thaddeus and Mystery Voice No. 1.

He's a very nice guy and is a summoner by profession. He's pretty young, but seems well-traveled. Oh, he also has a sister living in White Stone, but her name escapes me. Jolt said something about her working with a mage to increase her abilities.

This guy is nuts. I've tried holding a conversation with him and we went on and on about this game.. or something. I have a feeling he will be trouble to my mission. *Pickle realizes what he just said and quickly changes the subject* I'm not sure where this guy actually lives... I usually find him around the village but none of those houses are livable. Hell, some of them still have rotting skeletons in them.

Well, he doesn't live in South Kilaran, however, he often ventures into its boundaries to fight some of the creatures here. From what I can tell, he is part of the militia for Nordcarn and he guards the border. For a dwarf, he is quite a talented fighter.

*He flips through a many sheets of paper in his notes. You catch a glimpse of some newspaper clippings* Oh yes, he is the reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars... the newspaper based in Idaloran. I've compiled every article he has written to get a feel for his personality and specialization. Apparently, he is very avid in the field of monster sightings. He could be useful.

Ah yes, my living buddy. Gazhanar grew up in White Stone, but moved here to open the summoning arena up North at the advice of one of his friends. That's some bad advice if you ask me... there isn't really a community here that needs the arena. Heck, there's barely a community at all. But Gaz, as I like to call him, is a solid, hardworking guy. He's probably hanging around the summoning arena if he's not here.

Interesting character... He is supposedly a butler of sorts who used to serve Lord Carmien... but even with his lord gone, he still continues his duties as if nothing has changed. That's a tad kooky if you ask me. I feel like he knows more about what happened here then he lets on. Very curious individual... very curious indeed. *He strokes in chin in thought*

Hmmm, he may be the one regulars here in SKF who I don't truly understand. He's all about the warrior code of honor, but I don't understand reasoning for being here. Regardless of his reasons however, he is a powerful warrior - probably one of the strongest warriors I've ever seen.

Mystery voice
When I venture through the basement of Carmien Manor, I sometimes hear a male's voice speaking to me. I look around and see no more than some beastly creature around me. I'm beginning to wonder if there is something haunting Carmien Manor's basement... or perhaps something even darker is occurring. I certainly hope this doesn't prevent me from completing my mission.

Farewell friend. Be careful and don't do anything stupid.