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NPC: Pirquet

Location: Arius Arius Magic School Main Hall (MS1) Lower Hall (MS3) Dusty Room (MS7)

Coordinates: 291, 165

Researcher of allergens in the dustiest of places in Arius Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach the door you hear a soft sniffling. You enter and notice a small gnome inspecting the ground intently wiEL-DB.comth a magnifying glass. He whirls around as you approach.*Oh do be careful not to stir up the dust. *He sneezes quietly.*

Who are you?
My name is Pirquet. I'm an allergen researcher studying this magnificent little closet!

Allergen Researcher
*He laughs.* I expected you to ask. As an allergen researcher I study what causes different people's allergies. I used to focus on animal allergies, but came to find that while animal hair does cause sneezing in a few people, it's really dust that affects the majority of the people with allergies.

What's so special about this closet?
Oh where to begin! It's marvelous really. You see, I'm here to study the dust that naturally would inhabit an old, abandoned closet. But as it would happen, the magical energies that permeate this place have created quite the phenomenon! Not to mention that the summoning room right across the hall often causes the walls to shake; stirring up and mixing the dust.

Animal Allergies
Well you see, it's quite interesting really. Through my research, I have found that certain animals, particularly the hairy ones, carry allergens that cause all types of different reactions. The most common are sneezes and itchy eyes, but I've observed the extreme cases as well, one of where a dwarf actually broke out with little tiny bumps all over his body. Magnificent a scientific way of course.

A friend of mine, a female gnome by the name of Wimmip, actually works and studies animals and creatures and the poor soul is allergic to everything from rabbit fur to ogre hair.

Magical Energies
I'm no expert on the topic, but my best guess would be that with all the magic that gets practiced and channeled through this building - and possibly in this very room at one point in time - a sort of energy, or magical run off if you will, started to permeate the entire school. I guess that could be one reason why so many mages feel naturally at home here.

What kind of phenomenon?
A magnificent occurrence! One that will finally give me respect among my scientific colleagues. You see I came here to study dust, expecting to find lots of...well just plain old normal dust. InsteaEL-DB.comd, I discover that inside this closet there are four different types of dust! Incredible! Four different species if you will; there's floor dust, ceiling dust, wall dust, and your normal dust dust.

I believe that somehow, the magical energies of this school changed the dust, but that's not all...You see while finding four different types of dust would be noteworthy, it would simply be just four different types of dust and people would be no better for it. However floor dust is not an allergen! You could kick this stuff up all day and not so much as sneeze!

With a little more research, I may be able to find out why that is and hopefully figure out how to change all the other types of dust into a non-allergenic form, or at least a cure.

Summoning room
Yes, it's quite handy actually. It's the room right down that short hall there frequented by summoners of all kinds. Ximu teaches most of his classes there. I hear that summoning comes naturally in there - almost easier in a way. Anyway, it's useful to me because the ruckus it causes tends to stir up the dust around here, making it easier to study the dust that plants itself on the ceiling.

She's a close friend of mine, a scientist of life. She studies all kinds of living things; animals, creatures, and even monsters. However, what to her seemed like an incessant cold, turned out to actually be her nose reacting to the allergens that were on the different creatures she was studying. She even helped me coin the term allergen, which gave a name to my field.

Yes, unfortunately while my work is entirely scientific, it is considered somehow inferior by other scientists; less prestigious than the work Orta, Rozier or Penrose do. *He frowns.* I'm hoping my research will bring a new respect to the field. I still have hope. Fracastorius is one of the leading minds in the fields of microscopic entities and he's certainly made a name for himself.

Floor dust
This magnificent type of dust is somehow heavier than the other types. It settles to the floor instead of floating about and sticking to objects. As well it doesn't upset any allergic reactions. Having rather severe allergies myself, I can say this is quite an exciting discovery.

Ceiling dust
Another interesting type, as it is the exact opposite of floor dust. It is so light that it rises straight to the ceiling; in an outdoor I can't really say what would happen. However, ceiling dust is the most highly allergenic form of dust that I've found throughout my studies.

Wall dust
Wall dust is essentially normal dust, except it has a higher potential to stick to surfaces, even the smoothest surfaces. It tends to create thick layers on walls and doors. The first time I came into this room I was greeted with quite the plume of dust upon opening the door.

Oh I've got nothing against Rozier, he does marvelous work really, and I'm quite hoping he gets that air balloon up and running. I would so like to get a ride on it and maybe use it to study what happens to a molecule of air dust as it rises in an outdoor environment. Yes, his work is quite useful and his engineering skill is also quite reputable. *A brief look of jealousy crosses his brow.*

Another scientist in a reputable field. I guess you could say Penrose is an environmental archeologist. She's one gnome who loves both history and nature. Quite pleasant, too. I had the great fortune of having a drink with her over at the Gypsum Gorge Tavern the other night.

Gypsum Gorge Tavern
If you're looking for a nice relaxing drink, that tavern is the place to be for all the locals. It's a small establishment over in Kyriban Village run by a nice chap named Poco - just to the west of Arius City. The one within the city is much too rambunctious for me, the students of the magic school tend to be rather rowdy.

Another renowned gnome in the field of biology - her specialization concentrated on the flowers and plants of the land. Her research has gotten her a lot of hassle from the religious communities, namely those who worship Lucaa, but she just keeps on path with her plan. I look up to her for her dedication and perseverance.

One of the Orchans that inhabit this isle! I can tell you, when I saw Ximu, I nearly took a willy in my pants! *He laughs embarrassedly* The Orchans are a scary-looking bunch if you ask me, but Ximu takes the cake. He makes these deep moaning noises at all hours.. it almost sounds like he's in pain! I get goose bumps when I hear it echoing through the halls!

He is the chair of Biology here and he is my department head. He's such a fascinating man to converse with... amoebas... microorganisms... viruses.. anytEL-DB.comhing you could imagine in the world of microbiology! My heart flutters at just the thought of the hour-long discussions we can have together! *He swoons*

Take care not to stir up to much dust on your way out.