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NPC: Poco

Location: Arius Gypsum Gorge Tavern

Coordinates: 94, 37

Barkeep of the Gypsum Gorge Tavern in Arius, though he doesn't sell anything like other taverns.


Speak the Words

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As you approach the bar, you notice a EL-DB.commale gnome slouched over the counter.

Who are you?
My name is Poco, I'm the barkeep here, although its not quite what it used to be.

Are you alright?
Ahhh. *He lets out a long sigh.* I'll be ok, its just been slow around here lately; spend more time dusting off the counter than pouring drinks.

Slow around here lately
Yes, ever since Wolke opened up his tavern over in the city I haven't been getting much if any business. None of the students want to come all the way out here when they can stop right outside the school.

Don't get me started on him. You see he used to live in Kyriban Village just like the rest of us, before the magic school started booming, that is. Once the magic school boomed, Arius City started to really flourish, and at first it was great... *A faint smile crosses his face.* All the students used to come down after their classes and...well let's just say business was great.

Then one day he decided to use the money he had been making to rent a building just outside the school. Before I knew it, he had opened his own tavern and that's when the students stopped coming here. People only come by these days to hear the latest gossip. *He sighs deeply.* Wolke used to work for me, helping restock the shelves, dusting; doing everything I didn't have time to do.

Students come from all over Seridia and Irilion to study at the magic school here. Grandmaster Nerala tends to attract those type of students who enjoy fire-related magical studies.

Kyriban Village
Why it's the town you're in right now. It's one of the oldest gnomish villages in Irilion. For as long as our EL-DB.comstories go back, Kyriban has been the home of gnomes. We gnomes have been nourishing this land for many ages.

Within the village and in the surrounding areas you can find over thirty different types of flowers and mushrooms. The students from the school often gather flowers from our gardens to help with their studies in magic.

Magic school
The magic school is over in Arius city. It's home to aspiring summoners and mages alike. Although even some of the best blacksmiths in Irilion have come to study how to construct magical weapons.

Arius City
You can find Arius City on the western side of the Island. The city houses a storage, astrology stone seller, general store, and a tav...I mean the magical school *He blushes slightly.*

Well that depends on what you want to know. I've got information on just about everything that's happening in Arius from Penrose's research in the marsh to Rozier's developments on the hot air balloon.

Grandmaster Nerala
She's the orchan in charge of the magic school over in Arius City. Her students refer to her as the Grandmaster of Fire due to her talent with that element.

Ahh Penrose? Well what we know is she's a researcher who came to Arius to study the Kyriban Marsh, however there's a rumor about what exactly she's studying. You see there is an old legend that tells of a small fishing village that use to sit where the marsh is now...

However, as the legend goes, a great storm destroyed the small village long ago. Rumor has it that Penrose is looking intEL-DB.como what facts might be behind the legend. Of course there is no telling if that's what she's actually researching or not.

He's quite the genius, and unlike some of the other researchers around these parts, he's a native of Arius. You see while we have many flowers around here - our minerals are not so abundant. There are only two ways to get to them from here, One way requires a dangerous journey through the caves, and while fast, the convenience hardly makes up for the lives that have been lost on that path.

He says that if he can get the hot air balloon to carry a few miners over the mountains, and land them on the other side, he can triple the amount of minerals brought into Kyriban. Everyone around these parts is very excited. The second path, although safe, can take days to carry even the smallest amounts back to Kyriban. But Rozier is working to fix that.

Kyriban Marsh
It's a little marshy strip of land to the southeast on the island. There is also a magical portal that will take you straight to the magic school over in the city. I hear Mechanicus designed it during a demonstration for one of his classes.

He's a teacher in the school and a brilliant one at that. You see, us gnomish folk aren't that skilled in magic but highly revered in the science fields. Mechanicus found a way to combine both magic and science - and he teaches a class on it! The intercontinental messaging systems and mental images are all because of his genius mind!

Farewell and please come again. Your business is always appreciated.