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NPC: Portia

Location: Portland Portia's Potion School

Coordinates: 340, 79

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Portia's Debt
  2. Potion Tutorial

Instructor at the Potion School in Portland.


Speak the Words

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You see a pretty young draegoni woman, stirring a mixture in a cauldron. Her skill shows in how she stirs, concentrating iEL-DB.comntently on what she's doing, yet still fully aware of everything happening around her. She nods politely as you approach.

Welcome to the Portland Potions School. My name is Portia and I'm the instructor here.

Wait. You're draegoni?
Did you think humans were the only race capable of making potions? They are magical brews after all, so who better to make something magical than a draegoni. We're highly magical beings, you know. Don't worry. I know you weren't trying to be offensive or condescending. We draegoni are not all that common here on Seridia and you were surprised.

I was about to ask...
I had a feeling you might.

Do you have them often?
Often enough that I've learned to trust these feelings. When they come over me, they're almost always right.

Do you like teaching?
Actually, yes I do. I think of myself as a bow and my students as living arrows that I am sending forth into the world and I love watching my 'arrows' fly. But, deep inside, I just know I could do better.

I can't help feeling that I should be doing more to become a better teacher so that I can do more for others. When I'm not here teaching potions or making experimental potions, I'm usually in the library reading books to improve myself, but these days, I've been so busy with teaching, I've not had much time for research. And, truth be told, I've pretty much exhausted the available resources in the Portland Library.

What will you do?
I will have to branch out. I keep in touch with many of my former students and I EL-DB.comhave friends everywhere. One way or another, I'll get more self-help information.

What are you stirring?
This is an experimental extract made from part of some vegetables. In there with the extract are some aprons and when this is done, I'll iron them. I've found that by treating the aprons this way makes it easier to clean them after my students have been at work and this treatment makes the aprons, after I've ironed them, stay very neat and wrinkle-free.

Sounds like a lot of work
Actually, it is less work doing it this way. I used to spend more time cleaning aprons before. Some stains are nearly impossible to remove. By treating the aprons this way, the stains seem to stick to the vegetable extract instead of the fabric. And, while I do this, it gives me time to think of possible ways I could make this process even better.

What do they say about me?
They tell me that this will not be your last visit here and my heart tells me that the potential exists for us to become good friends.

Potions school
Were you looking for the Manufacturing School? That's just north of the west city gate. My friend Paul teaches there when he's not selling swords from his shop. We've had long conversations about teaching methods. I find our little talks intellectually stimulating.

*She chuckles.* Do you prefer Mr. Paul? His time here in Portland has not been easy. He came here after finishing his studies with Gerund in Mynadar to open his shop AND a school - no easy task, but he ran into some trouble with Sloan, the money lender.

What kind of trouble?
He got a little behind on his payments, but when Gerund heard about it, he stepped in. Now Paul is free and clear of Sloan now and Paul has Gerund's backing and support for his school. I think that's what I would try to do if I learned of a similar situation occurring with one of my former students.

Until we meet again
I look forward to tEL-DB.comhat day... Farewell.