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Item: Potion of Defense Reduction

Base Info

Potion of Defense Reduction

For training, each potion reduces Defense skill by 5. Can be used to reduce down to -29. Level increases by 1 per minute until back to normal.

Weight: 2 emu

Stackable: yes

Storage: potions

Server Description: Decreases your defense skill by 5

Item ID / Image ID: 982 / 482

To Make

Skill: Potion

Recommended Skill Level: 76

Base Experience: 950

Food Used Per Mix: 35

Required Knowledge:
Book of Defense Reduction Book of Defense Reduction

Required Nexus: Vegetal 6

MULTIPLE ITEMS: A single mix will produce 12 of this item.

Tools for Mixing:
Mortar & Pestle Mortar & Pestle


Total Ingredient Weight: 73 emu

Total Final Product Weight: 24 emu