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NPC: Quello

Location: Trassian Wizard's Passage

Coordinates: 29, 739

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. The Wizard's Passage

A wizard. At age 649, one of the oldest living Draegoni.

Teleports you across the nearby water on request once you have completed his quest.


Speak the Words

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*You see a male figure. Your head does a double-take when you notice the horns and scales that glitter as he moves. He seems friendly enough as he beckoEL-DB.comns you to sit beside him.* Greetings, young traveler, my name is Quello and it's a glorious day. You may want to bundle up, it is rather chilly in here.

Please pardon me. No insult was intended, but at my age, everyone I see is young.

Just how old are you?
I am in fact the oldest Draegoni you're likely to meet. I am 649 years old.

Why is it so cold?
There is an old legend that the breath of an ancient dragon sends an icy chill down any passerby's spine. That dragon has since died, but after the death, we still feel the icy breath of the beast in some caverns in the region. This being one. It's just an old wise tale. I'm sure it's just something to do with the snow and rock type.

You don't look old at all.
Ahhh well, thank you. You're too kind. Anyway, appearances can deceive - perhaps you've noticed that from time to time. But, in my lifetime, I have known or heard of only a few Draegoni living beyond the age of 700: it has been rare, but it has happened.

What do you do?
I am a wizard. I have recently applied to the Dra Syn Council of Commissioners, mere youngsters compared to me, for permission to start up a business here. But if you've had any experience with other legislative groups, you already know how disagreeable they can be. Each side thinks their side of any debate is the right one. It certainly slows the wheels of progress.

Yes, well, actually... it's more of a service, really. Most travelers find it quite difficult to enter the city - some find it near impossible. I'm too old to go off on any more adventures and I like it here, so my idea that I presented to them is to offer a service - helping travelers to cross this body of water so that they can gain access into the city itself. But first I need the council to grant its approval.

Dra Syn
Ah yes, Dra Syn. It is the city you've no doubt had difficulty entering. We Draegoni are a private lot. We like to keep to ourselves. Most outsiders find us rather cold, ironically enough, buEL-DB.comt the truth of the matter is we do not open up to strangers and outsiders very well. If you are ever in Dra Syn, remember that what may appear to you to be unfriendliness or a lack of warmth

from other Draegonis is merely a wish to remain private and not a personal affront.
*You see a Draegoni dressed in long robes appear with a flash, whisper something to Quello, and disappear as quick as he came.*
Well it appears that your timing is impeccable.

Can you tell me my future?
Normally, I leave all such requests for the mystics and fortunetellers. I am a wizard, there is a difference, but I've been around long enough that I can see what's in store for you. You will be making many decisions in your future: some with conscious intent but many others you'll make instinctively. You will face great perils and heart pumping adventures and I predict we will meet again someday.

Farewell for now, until we meet again.

(on completed quest) I want to visit Dra Syn.
Quello mutters some words and you are transported magically across the way.