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NPC: Quinn

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 121, 142

A medicine maker, examining the blue lupines in the Black Jungle in Sedicolis to find the best for his potions.


Speak the Words

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*As you approach you see a man gently searching through blue lupiEL-DB.comnes. He seems very tranquil and focused. He doesn't notice you.*

*He jumps a little in surprise. His voice is unexpectedly soft.* Oh, I'm sorry. How rude of me. I thought I was alone out here. Hello to you.

Who are you?
I am Quinn. I make medicines to help creatures of all races.

Absolutely. I am a medicine man. I make potions and cures of all sorts. I have healed many people over the years.

You've healed people?
Sure! Why, not that long ago Fgirr smashed his thumb while working on the city wall. I mended him up quickly with some of my special ointments. Then there was the time that Eveline was slashed by the claws of a Chimeran while ranging in Bethel. It took several days, but I found the correct herbs to assure she healed up neatly. And then there is the special mixture that keeps Shantelle safe when she takes

her 'clientele' home. *He shivers at the thought.* If you ever get in a bind - and I'm not around - you could always try making Body Restoration potions. They are nifty to use in a pinch.

Fgirr is quite a friendly fellow. He is not from around here though. He was brought in from Zirakinbar to work on the city wall. You can find him around there. He has an amazing talent with cutting stone but an even more amazing talent at finding a way to hurt himself. He fell off the scaffolding the other day. Oi was he a cranky fellow when I stitched him up, but he refused a pain killer.

Zirakinbar is a good ways away from here. The best way to travel there from here is to head south to Palon and head even further south until you're in Zirakinbar. I don't suggest traveling through Melinis to get there.

What's wrong with Melinis?
Melinis is a fine city, but to get to Zirakinbar from there you must travel through Thelinor. You must also be careful of the fluffy rabbits roaming outside of the city.

Do not travel through there if you can avoid it. That land is unruly, other adventurers may kill you if they wish. It is better not to risk it. I can not tell you how many times I've had to mend a wounded merchant because they decided to take a shortcut through Thelinor. The fools, they'll never learn that time may be money, but you can't spend money if you're dead. *He shakes his head.*

Delightful woman she is. I quite often run into her while roaming these jungles - she has a camp set up on the very edge near Bethel. She allows those who practice the same trade as her to use her camp as a resting point when defending the gates of Sedicolis from the invaders of Bethel. Her skills amaze me. I once saw her shoot a giant in the eye from what seemed like a mile away!

Body Restoration potions
Body Restoration potions will heal the wounded, to a certain extent. They can be made by taking a sunflower, bottle of wine, a chunk of quartz and an empty vial and mixing them all together. Most newbie doctors carry them around, just in case.

Just in case?
I'll admit, I too carried those around at one point. The medicinal blends I created in my early days were not always as potent as they should be, sometimes causing them to have no effect in the healing process. The generic potions are a good backup in case that should ever happen. Either that, or good healing magic. It's a shame I've never been talented in that field. If only I could learn more about it.

As any good doctor should, I concoct my own forms of medicine, rather than using that of the common kind. Body and Spirit Restoration Potions and Greater Healing and Extra Mana potions just don't have the same effect when you have a sick child or an infected wound or a bone sticking out of your leg. You need custom, and powerful medicines to aid in the healing process. That's why they call me the Medicine Man.

Have you not been to the tavern? Shantelle is the main reason travelers stop by there. Sure, they sometimes have good drink specials, but the best special is when Shantelle chooses you for EL-DB.comthe dance. You best have your gold ready, or else she won't give you a second glance. I don't really approve of her occupation choice, but it is still my duty to keep her safe and healthy.

Why are you rolling around in the flowers?
I was not 'rolling around in the flowers'. Not at all. I was searching these blue lupines for the best specimens to use.

Why the best?
I am gathering these blue lupines for Potions of Mana. It will revitalize those who feel spiritually drained. I always choose the best ingredients when making the 'normal' potions, I need some way to set mine apart from the rest, after all. These lupines in the Black Jungle are among the best, in my opinion.

Black Jungle
The Black Jungle is where we're standing right now, what we're in. The humidity and lake nearby caused explosive plant growth. Unfortunately, all this thick, lush plant life attracted some rough creatures to call this jungle home. No bother, I can handle them if need be.

What creatures?
There are goblins, and tigers, and bears. Oh my. Actually, I lied. There's no bears, but you should still be careful of the goblins and tigers. All of this thick foliage makes it very easy for them to lurk well hidden.

Potions of Mana?
Potions of Mana restore some ethereality. They are made by taking a blue lupine. *He motions to the flowers he is standing by.* And a bottle of wine and mixing them together in an empty vial.

It was nice talking to you! *He returns to rummaging through the flowers.*