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NPC: Raxxa

Location: Valley of the Dwarves Gold Cave Level 1 Gold Cave Level 2

Coordinates: 155, 218

The royal masseuse, who has grown weary of just how many people she has to take care of.


Speak the Words

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A young gnomish girl stands before you performing some odd fEL-DB.cominger exercises. She sees you and dismisses you with a look.

Who are you?
Still here? I figured you'd see I'm off duty and leave. *She catches her rudeness.* Please excuse me, I'm usually not this cold. It's just that Vaeamo has been working me to the bone lately and my poor fingers have been cramping up. When I heard you approach, I figured you were someone else looking to use my services. My name is Raxxa. *You shake her hand and realize she has very soft hands, yet a firm grip.*

I'm the royal masseuse! When I signed on to use my knowledge, I figured I would only be providing this service to King Gondric and his cousin Megera. But noooo, the King is all about spreading the wealth, so to speak. So now I have his lobbyists, guards and servants all coming to me for a massage. And let me tell you, many of them are not the cleanest people to touch!

Well, there is this healthcare plan working its way through the minds of the dwarven and gnomish people under Gondric's rule. Once the idea was proposed, it spread through the grapevine like wildfire. Now nearly everyone you talk to in Gondric's kingdom has their opinion on the whole matter. Some people dedicate themselves to certain factions. It's a big mess.

What's your stance?
That's a good question. You see, with all the massaging I do, my hands need to be kept in pristine condition. With the universal healthcare, my hands will be covered by the healers without a doubt. Then again, I have a feeling if some of the plans to pay for the healthcare go into effect, I'm going to be massaging a plethora of stressed lobbyists. Then I will be forced to require the healthcare! *She sighs.*

Stryker, Custan and their men are who I'm speaking of. Stryker takes full advantage of my services and doesn't even tip me! He says his dragon armor tenses him up which leads him to believe he needs his muscles loosened up. If I had the nerve, I'd tell him not to wear the stupid armor if it's so uncomfortable. I mean, if you are such a great warrior, it shouldn't matter which armor you are wearing.

Custan on the other hand is a different story. He spends most of his time above-ground in Nordcarn and asks for a few shoulder rubs here and there, but not much. He knows I don't like to be bothered when I'm actually home, breathing the fresh air.

I live in Nordcarn, which is a pain in my gnomish butt you see. I have to travel through the caves each time I am beckoned by someEL-DB.comone or the King. It's not the quickest means of travel, but I've heard Elevy may be working on something to make our lives easier.

He's another gnome within the kingdom. He's a pretty hands-on type of guy, opposed to Aelric who only gets work done after he talks you to death. Anyway, from what I hear, Elevy is working on a machine that will lift us from underground, through the ground and up into Nordcarn within only a few moments. Do you know how grateful I would be if he got that to work? I just hope Megera gives him the funding.

Well I already told you all about the healthcare issue. Well, Megera is in charge of all the funding everyone gets for their individual projects. She has been so stressed out from everyone asking for money to get this healthcare project working, she has been even stingier with handing out the gold required to fund other non-related projects. It's a shame, too. She puts up with so much.

I guess I would be considered a servant when I think about it. Someone else would be Gilrand, the court bard. His music is quite lovely, but he always comes to me asking for hand massages. I guess playing on his lyre really cramps up his fingers. And while I'm un-cramping his fingers, mine cramp up. It's a vicious cycle.

Well, I'm a gnome aren't I? Most gnomes have an area of expertise that they pride themselves in. Mine just happens to be pressure points and stress relief, which go hand-in-hand with massage therapy. But it doesn't stop there. I've studied the anatomy of dwarves, gnomes, all of the other races and even some creatures. In fact, if I ever came across a Feros, I'd know exactly where to hit in order to paralyze it.

The body is a science and I'm a master of that science. I know exactly where to touch someone to cause pleasure... or pain. It just depends on the mood I'm in. *She laughs out loud.* I'm kidding, I wouldn't hurt someone if I was in a bad mood... purposely that is.

Gah! He is such a pervert. He has asked me to massage him in some rather... private... places, to say the least. When I tell him I don't provide those types of services, he just has me get as close to those spots as possible. Let's just say he is not a quiet man when he is enjoying something. *She shivers in disgust.* I need some antibacterial soap and lotion just thinking about it.

See you around. And if someone needs EL-DB.coma massage, don't tell them where I am.