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NPC: Rena

Location: Arius

Coordinates: 78, 142

A researcher and book publisher in Arius city.


Speak the Words

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Wandering through this port town, you upon an elderly gnome muttering to herself.

Who are you?
Well, well a forward one you are. No hello or good day or proper greeting. If you must know my name, it's Rena. *You look at the odd bits and pieces that resemble shredded rags, broken toothpicks and the occasional gleam of sapphire shards arranged around her.*

What exactly is all this stuff?
Serious Research. Publish or Perish. Academia Above All! Dei Sub Numine Viget!

Dei Sub What?
It translates exactly to 'Under God She Flourishes' a motto from a school of mighty doers in another time and even another planet. If you've talked to Atekel in Nordcarn about your 'past life,' you may think that the human race comes from another planet entirely and they are just imports. That's where I've come up with this saying.

Bit of a bat, that one, but what else do you expect from a dwarf that studies Magic? Only the Fae are natural magic wielders. Humans need to study and hope.

Fae? Who's that?
*Rena heaves a disgusted sigh that scatters further some of the debris around her.* Fae, you ignoramus, is the general classification for any magical beings. Dragons, Elves, Gnomes, the Wee Folk, etc.

So you are a teacher at the school here?
Don't be absurd. There's no need for a deep thinker like myself to waste my time on students. Who needs all those lesson plans, papers to be graded and hours spent with individual intellectual wanna-be's who think they are special? Faugh! The only true calling for an academician is Research. Research and Publish!

Just read my books. That's all you need to know. They are available for sale at the magic shop across town. Though the last time I was there to deliver my lEL-DB.comatest tome, the place did look empty. Well of course that's because all my works are best sellers. *She shrugs and mutters something about unreliable help.*

So what are you researching?
MY chosen portion of this area of important intellectual pursuit is the Wee Folk. Problem is that they don't like to be studied and there's no cage built that can hold a live one.

Wee Folk?
Brownies, Wood Sprites, Leprechauns. That sort. *An odd, almost wistful tone creeps into her voice* Fascinating creatures that live in the forests or hide in nooks and crannies, coming out at night to listen to your dreams. *She blinks* Or some say to steal them!

Course you can see them just about any time of day around here. Always a Leprechaun waltzing around and a Wood Sprite or two. I'd make it worth your while to bring me any live specimens you can catch.

You'd think fellow gnomes would be more interested in helping construct a magic-proof one, but they keep going on about ethical practices. Diesel, the so-called priest, actually laughed at me when I tried to explain what I needed.

Yuwon too hasn't been much help, even with being the nominal leader of the place. Or the Professors in the Magic School, and Urania is useless always staring off through that telescope thing of hers. Though Wimmip has been much more sympathetic. She understands me at least. I'm brewing this decoction to send along to her.

Anyone else research this?
Certainly not anyone with the kind of academic credentials that I possess. That drivel of a cretin Eamonn comes up with is all nonsense. No surprise with his shoddy methodologies. *She snorts in disgust upsetting more leaflets.* What point is there in observing creatures in their natural surroundings? Who cares how they interact with each other or their habitat. Give me a good corpse to dissect any day!

That fool in Hurquin? Bah, nothing Fae there but Brownies and Wood Sprites. He'd have done mEL-DB.comuch better to work with flowers, as queasy as his stomach is about Anatomy, or so Amos says.

A Hunter acquaintance of mine that I met through Haidir during a trip to White Stone. I get most of my subjects from him, even though they aren't usually in great shape. *She shrugs.* You have to have connections in my line of work.

He's a very friendly chap. I met him when I was hunting the elusive Unicorn in Tirnwood Vale. Works as an exterminator for people which helped me during my time on his continent. I asked him to exterminate the Unicorn for me to study, but he just laughed and slapped my back as if I was joking. Little did he realize.. I wasn't joking. I'll get my hands on that Unicorn if it's the last thing I do!

Now go on with you. I'll be expecting some whole examples from you soon!