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NPC: Romira

Location: Desert Pines Temple of Elandria - Bottom Level Temple of Elandria - Top Level

Coordinates: 145, 175

Type: Priestess

Priestess of Alchemy goddess Elandria.


Speak the Words

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*Romira stands in front of her cauldron. Whatever she is cooking smells delicious! ShEL-DB.come looks up at you and smiles sweetly.* Hello, is there anything I can help you with?

Please tell me more about Elandria.
Elandria is the glue that binds the world together. She takes a place of righteousness among the gods and expects her followers to do the same. Love all those as you would want to be loved and you are on your way to reaching the ultimate goal Elandria has for her followers. She promotes invention and insists that all of her followers attempt new feats, and to think of things in ways they've never been thought of before.

To follow the path of Elandria, you must open your heart to all those surrounding you. Those who upkeep the house of Elandria will usually receive a bonus to their alchemical skills depending on how much they have opened their hearts to our Goddess. Elandria has no enemies, but disagrees with the teachings of Mortos and Zarin, therefore she will not allow you to worship them.

Go in peace!