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NPC: Rongon

Location: White Stone Tirnwood Underground

Coordinates: 63, 259

An elven ranger, Councilor Rongon is one of the Elven Council of Three.


Speak the Words

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*You see an Elven man who appears frozen, bow drawn, arrow at the ready. Then, faster than you could imagine, in quick succession, he has fired three arrows into a nearby target, each one EL-DB.comhitting near the center. You gasp in amazement and that sound breaks the spell that had been cast over him. He sets down his bow and gestures for you to come closer.* Greetings, traveler.

Wow! Nice shooting!
Thank you, traveler. It was nothing, really. It comes to all archers who seek the oneness, eventually.

Who are you?
I am Rongon, Councilor Rongon of the Elven Council of Three. If you've met Councilor Vaesura, I'm the practical one.

It is an approach to archery. When your focus and concentration are in perfect harmony with your body, they can cause your body to do amazing things...and it helps me clear my mind so I can think better.

What is this place?
No one living knows. Clearly it existed prior to the creation of Tirnwood because the mighty Tirn would not have created Tirnwood in this place had she seen this. From our legends, the land above was once a desert until Tirn changed the climate and created Tirnwood. Perhaps this place was once a town that the desert had buried. We call it Tirnwood Underground.

She was a Druid. That's about all I know of her other than that she created the vale above us. Talon might know more. He likes to read historical things when he's not working on council business.

It has to do with the Elven concept of the three P's. Vaesura is good at explaining it.

What's your job?
I temper visions of the future proposed in council meetings with reason. For example, it was noted that some complaints have been voiced regarding the trees surEL-DB.comrounding Tirnwood. One solution to allow greater flexibility for people entering or leaving Tirnwood was to build bridges over the trees in strategic locations.

I see you share my point of view. 'Bridges to nowhere' is what I called them. Besides being a waste of resources, they would impair the health of the trees who would not have as much access to daylight as before. If it takes a bit longer to enter or leave Tirnwood, then so be it, but no bridges.

Can you teach me?
Teach you the oneness? I'm not sure it can be taught. I could tell you what works for me, but that won't necessarily work for you. All I can suggest is that you practice your archery and your patience. It will not come easily, but it is well worth the time and effort invested.

What works for you?
When I seek the oneness? I imagine a vast black void. Within that void is the flame from a single candle. Into that flame I throw all my self doubts, fears, and worries until they are no more. Once that is done, I have achieved the desired oneness and I'm able to shoot farther and more accurately, as I demonstrated earlier. It's easier to achieve during peaceful times than in times of war.

During the Great War, I was one of the three who answered General Resia's call to assist in the rescue of General Darcy. Achieving the oneness while being shot at or attacked by feroes is much more difficult than when aiming at a stationary target.

General Resia? Darcy?
I'm afraid General Resia has passed on. She was lost during the battle in Tahraji. There is a rumor that her ghost came back to lead the troops one final time, but that's just preposterous. General Darcy still hangs around Corren. Last I heard, he was living a more relaxed lifestyle.

You're welcome, traveler. One last word of advice: if you seek the oneness, you will never find it. It is in the search that it finds you. Farewell.