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NPC: Rosalyn

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall East Private Area Hall Apprentice Chambers 2

Coordinates: 232, 362

An apprentice at the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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Hi there, what can I EL-DB.comhelp you with today?

Greetings, my name is Rosalyn.

I am an apprentice here at the Tarsengaard Magic School. I know quite a bit about everything so I offered to be a guide on the traveler's Journey of Knowledge. I can tell you about the Magic School, the caves, or the temple here in Tarsengaard.

Magic School
It is by far the main attraction in Tarsengaard and what the town is known for. The magic school holds many secrets and dangers, you just need to learn how to navigate it. Also in the school, we have Itilli. She is a seller of books, which teach about medallions, rings, and other magical jewelry and items.

We have two caves, one connects us with Nordcarn, which you have already learned about, and a tomb infested with Gargoyles. It appears someone of importance was laid to rest here, but we have yet to discover who it was.

In the southeastern region, there is a hidden temple that honors Zarin, Goddess of Beauty. Her temple requires a test of commitment and heart until you can successfully progress to the end of her temple, which contains a giant diamond called the Heart of Zarin.

Talk to you soon.