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NPC: Saville

Location: Morcraven Marsh Potion School

Coordinates: 360, 117

Headmistress of the potion school in Fort Hallgan, Morcraven Marsh.


Speak the Words

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*Whilst wandering through Fort Hallgan you enter a building where you happen upon an old, frail looking female dwarf. Trying not to alarm heEL-DB.comr, you hold your position and watch as she slowly turns toward you...* Eek! *She almost squeals.* You gave me quite a start there stranger.

I didn't mean to startle you.
Good grief child! Don't you know better? Sneaking up on an old woman like that! Indeed! Now, what exactly are you doing here?

I'm sorry, but who ARE you?
My name, is Saville, and I am the headmistress of this revered place of learning.

Place of learning
Yes, this is, or was, the greatest of all the potion schools across the great continents of Seridia AND Irilion. *The slight flicker of emotion from pride to sadness is almost imperceptible.* This... *The pride back on her withered old features* is Herbalist Hall Potioning School.

Potion School?
Yes. It does exactly what it says on the tin! We taught all of the great potioners up to and including Kahlen and the other members of The Order of the Stream.

Order of the Stream?
Kahlen can usually be found in Jayden's Temple to the north of here. She's a wise one she is. Probably my best student in all my years here. You should pay her a visit sometime. The Order of the Stream is what the followers of Jayden call themselves but Kahlen can tell you more about them.

You've been here some time then?
All in all, I've been here over a hundred and twenty years! Thirty-seven as a teacher and eighty-six as Headmistress. I was here before the swamp encroached so much, when Morcraven was a thriving land. But, alas, now most of this land is desolate, I fear the school will slowly die.

Why is that?
Various reasons, the main one being that, as you can no doubt see, I am not getting any younger. Funny how we never invented a youth potion!! Also, we have very little 'passing trade', so findiEL-DB.comng new pupils is harder than ever. It really is a shame, because as the swamp started to take over, we started to concoct wondrous new potions from some of the new flowers that began to appear.

There are still some master potioners living in the marsh. Why even Edlera and Nhala still live around these parts. I daresay you will bump into them on your travels.

New flowers?
Yes. Things like yarrow, tree mushrooms and white chanterelle all now grow in the swamps. However, only skilled harvesters can collect them. But these ingredients can be used in the making of extracts which in turn can be used to make refined and power mixtures.

Sounds Interesting.
Oh it is, it is! *You see a glint in her eye, for the first time since meeting.* There is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you got each ingredient at the precise volume needed and added to the mixture at precisely the right time to produce a practically perfect potion.

But I should warn you, potioning is not for the scatter-brained! This art form requires dedication and focus. Not only in the mixing of the potions, but also in the amount of raw ingredients needed to be harvested. It is very time consuming but, I think, a very rewarding skill to learn!

Edlera? Nhala?
Two of Morcraven's most enduring residents. Wildly different in their personalities but also strangely similar in some respects. Edlera is a healer and Nhala is a revered shaman. You should take the time to speak to them both, though Nhala can sometimes sound as though she is talking in riddles. But that's just between you and I ok?

Could you teach me?
I most definitely could my dear, but I would have to know that you are fully committed to learning our ways. As I said before, potioning can not be a whim of some sort but more of a vocation. I suggest you continue your travels and think it over. Try to decide if you can afford the time and have the discipline needed to learn.

If you decide that the answer to both questions is yes, then you may come back and we will talk some more. It surely would be nice to have someEL-DB.comone to teach again. But as I said, I am not getting any younger and there is a lot to learn. Until then, take care dear child and travel safe.

Goodbye... I hope only for now!