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NPC: Scarf

Location: Morcraven Marsh Battle Hall Battle Hall Back Room

Coordinates: 356, 299

A member of the Black Cloaks who can be found... scarfing... down food in the back part of the Morcraven Marsh Battle Hall.


Speak the Words

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You see a man devouring platefuls of food. You can tell eating must be onEL-DB.come of his favorite activities from all the food stains all over his cloak.

Who are you?
*He looks up at you and wipes his mouth off on his sleeve.* Hey there. The name's Scarf and before you ask, that's not my real name. It's the nickname I got from the other Black Cloaks.

It's a pretty common thing with the Brotherhood. You'll find that most members have a nickname that personify them fairly well.

So you like scarves?
Haha that's a good one. *He takes his finger and pries some morsels of food from his back molars.* They call me Scarf because I can put food away pretty well. Tick tried to name me 'The Bottomless Pit' but Aaron told him to keep it to one word... it rolls off the tongue better.

*As he speaks, you watch a chunk of carrot fall out of his mouth.* We retired the longer nicknames when Old Kettle passed on. But yeah, Scarf suits me pretty well if ya ask me.

He's the leader of our pack. Great guy. He was a general in the Great War, you know. It's a good thing he was voted as the head of the Black Cloaks. He's got the experience and the spark we need.

Indeed. When one leader retires or passes on, the Brotherhood nominates and votes who will take his place. Last time, it was Vixen versus Aaron, both very formidable opponents for each other. Aaron won by a landslide, though.

She's the only female member of the Brotherhood. Don't talk smack about her though, she has the fighting abilities to match or sEL-DB.comurpass most male warriors you'll ever meet. She also has the beauty to match or surpass most women too. *He chuckles slightly.*

You won't find him wandering these parts much. He's a skilled warrior in his own right, but let's just say he doesn't appeal to masses like the rest of us. We're supposed to be the face of the people, defending their honor and such. Tick is... just... well... go talk to him and find out for yourself.

Old Kettle
He was the leader before Aaron. Poor guy died about a year ago. It was a very tragic accident.

What happened?
There was a horrible house fire; the Black Cloaks arrived onto a scene of complete mayhem. The house was already completely engulfed in flames. Luckily, most of the occupants were already out, but we were told one more was still left inside. Old Kettle took it upon himself to run into the flames and try to rescue the poor soul trapped within.

*Scarf pauses and sighs.* The roof collapsed with Old Kettle still inside, there was nothing we could do. It's such a shame that it was all in vain, too.

In vain?
Well, we searched the rubble of the house after the fire was out. We found Old Kettle's body, but that's all. There was no other body inside. He ran into a burning building for someone that there was no trace of. But there had to be... no one has heard of him since.

Latis's father, Phillip. He was the one supposedly in the fire even though we couldn't find his remains. We searched everywhere and no one has seen nor heard from him. We assume he is dead. Some suspect there was a secret room in the house that he hid in, but it turned out to be his tomb. Others think the fire was so hot he just burnt to ashes.

We held a memorial in his honor, burying a few of his belongings and some of the ashes in EL-DB.comthe grave. Latis still doesn't believe his father is dead, but it's pretty obvious he is.

Black Cloaks
*He gestures to his food-stained cloak.* The Brotherhood of the Black Cloaks. We are the government, law enforcement, and everything else in this area. We're a pretty small faction but you'll find we have the necessary pull in all the right places. Most of us can be found in Morcraven, but you'll find some of us on missions throughout the lands.

Thank you! See you around. If you ever want to bring me a snack, I won't turn it down. *He laughs and goes back to heaving food into his mouth. You feel slightly nauseous watching him.*