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NPC: Sergio

Location: Glacmor Galienne's Fashion Runway

Coordinates: 159, 362

A priest of Galienne. Considers himself to be 'Mr. Fabulous' and handles modeling shows on the temple runway.


Speak the Words

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*A well-dressed elf looks you up and down as you approach. He crosses one arm across his chest then rests his other EL-DB.comelbow on it as he taps the side of his face with his hand. Suddenly he shouts out* Sell it, baby! Work it! Come on!

Who are you?
*He places one hand on his hip while he swings his other arm gracefully in a circle in front of himself ending with both arms raised skyward.* You're standing in the presence of the stuPENdous Ser-GEE-oh!, Baby! SUREly you've heard of ME! I'm Mr. FAB-u-lous *He snaps his fingers as he speaks.*!

Sell what?
Tisk tisk! I'm talking about YOU, baby! The way you LOOK, the way you WALK, the way you CARRY yourself - those things all say something about YOU! WHO you are is communicated to everyone around you by WHAT - YOU - WEAR, Darling. Now would you rather be in those wooden seats WATCHing the show, or would you rather be the ENVY of those people, Sugar?!? Now, turn and spin, Baby! Show me the whole you.

*His penchant for whispering to himself continues as you hear him say, Peasants! Why do I always get the peasants?* Darling, I am a priest of Galienne. Can't you tell just by looking at me?

I've heard of Galienne.
Of COURSE you have, Baby. EVERYone who is ANYone has heard of Galienne! But I'm not just ANYone. MY eye for fashion attracted Galienne to ME, Baby, and she made ME her Priest!

How's that?
Oh my GOD! That's all I'm going to say. *Whispering to himself, you overhear him saying, I could just DIE! This show is going to BOMB if I have to work with models like THIS!*

Can I serve Galienne?
Dressed like THAT?!? I mean of COURSE, Darling, but to make it official, you'll need to speak with Tyra. You two should get along FAM-ously, Dear.

What do you mean?
Well, to be honest, I thought you werEL-DB.come here to be a model in my new show.

Me? A model?
Don't delude yourself, hunny. Besides, at best, what you're wearing is SO last season. Why I could just as easily put lipstick on a hobgoblin, dress it in one of MY creations and it would STILL look better than you. Why LOOK at yourself: your walk - it's all wrong, your carriage - wrong again, dear, and that OUTfit... Do yourself a favor and put the 'out' in that outfit.

Why do you say that?
Let's just say that both your tastes, and I do use that word lightly, could have been produced in bulk and sold off a rack! *he shudders noticeably* Galienne chose ME to be her priest! I could CERtainly do a better job as her HEAD priest than Tyra ever could. If you ask ME, I think it's a racial thing, don't you?

Racial thing?
HelLO? Galienne is draegoni. Tyra is draegoni. It's as plain as...well...what YOU'RE wearing, Darling. Then again, some of the locals aren't dressed too fab either.

Hun, just go through those doors and find the drab-looking draegoni standing in that frigid room. O-M-G, my nips get so hard when I go in there, I don't know how she does it. And to think we have to name the fashion contest of the CENT-ury after her. *He taps his foot impatiently at the thought.*

She acts so damn high and mighty too. If she tells me one more time to lay off, I'm gonna BETCHslap that shiatbag! Hmpf!

BRILL-iant idea of mine, of course she's taking all the credit for it. We're calling it 'Tyra and Irilion's Next Top Model'... it's like finding a diamond in the rough and have them model my FINEst creations. It will be a supERB ordeal!

Take Meer for example. All he cares about are the battles of the past and he wears that DRAB looking armor most days. He should spice things up with a nice scarf or maybe a briEL-DB.comghtly-colored cloak for example. Oh oh oh! And then I heard about a transfer student, all the way from Tarsengaard Magic School of Seridia, coming to Glacmor's Skill Academy...

I was SO excited and hoped she was going to bring some SUPERB fashion inspiration. After all, Tarsengaard has like the only tailoring shop on that continent. Foreign fashion... *He swoons.* I'm entralled just thinking about it. Then she came - Lyani I think her name was - and just had the same blah-ness that the other draegoni around here seem to have.

Turns out, she was from Trassian originally! Got ALL my hopes up for NOTHING. *He pouts.*

Tatah, Love... Oh My GOD! That ASS! Take it easy on the sweets, Sugar! *GAWD! What a relief I don't have to work with THAT.*