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NPC: Serpa

Location: Naralik

Coordinates: 135, 160

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Serpa's Sslessars

A native of Hurquin, she is currently in Naralik, writing a 5-volume thesis on snakes. She captures, breeds, studies, and even trains snakes to a degree.


Speak the Words

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As you get closer, you cannot help but notice the peculiar features of the gnome standing in front of you. Maybe some would call her face'a nice example of womanly gnomish-ness.' You take a step toward her and suddenly two snakes come out from under her gown, hissing at you!

*As you jump back scared, her deep eyes look at you with a hint of scorn. She makes a gesture with her hand and the two snakes disappear behind her.* The serps are sometimes shocking, which is why I named them after myself. *Her eyes pierce through you.* So, traveler, what calls you to the land of Naralik, if you don't like my snakes?

Do you sell books?
Books? No. I'm writing one - a 5-volume thesis on this delightful sub-species here... *She points at her shoulder and only then you notice a very, very small jade-colored snake placidly resting among the folds of her robes.*

Isn't it wonderful? Just figure, this is a variant of Eryx Tataricus Speciosus, and yet so small... Oh, but you were asking about books. Maybe you are looking for Ardur, in southeastern Naralik? He has a shop there...

Oh, Ardur. Thanks!
You are welcome. *Her intense gaze follows you while you walk away, as if she was planning something...*

Keep them away!
HOW DARE YOU!? *Flames appear to be radiating behind her eyes.* You miserable creature. You're not worth even one of these miracles of creation! They are among the most perfect products of evolution - so essential, so cunning, so DEADLY...

Sorry, no offence
Justly so! Because people like YOU would be capable of killing a snake without even considering what CRIME they are committing in the eyes of Aluwen! Ah, if Noria could see you!

Noria, the high priestess of Aluwen. Unlike certain others of her race, she knows that snakes, being so closely associated with death and acquainted with each grain of soil in Draia, are by thEL-DB.comeir nature a wondrous symbol of Life. She used to come and visit me from time to time, you know, she liked to travel until one day I presented her with a diadem in the shape of an Ouroboros...

Ouroboros. A serpent eating its own tail. You really know nothing about snakes, do you?

And then?
... And then, you should have seen her horrified face when the spell I had put on the snake wore out and the diadem started moving in her hair, looking for the way out... ihs ihs ihs! *Her hissing laughs make your blood freeze for a moment. You wonder how can someone be so attractive yet so creepy.* Anyway, sshe sstopped vissiting me after that. No ssensse of humor. Her losss.

I like them... *gulp*
I'm glad you do. Snakes are fascinating creatures, you know? I moved here to Naralik from my homeland of Hurquin because nowhere else could you find such beautiful species. Look at that Anomochilus! And here, a Xenopeltis! *You hear a note of tenderness in her voice.*

Not only do they make wonderful pets, but their poison, if properly collected and handled, makes for great medications! Not all of them are poisonous of course... but look, the red-skinned one down there! Those can poison you, be careful.

What do you do here?
I capture snakes, breed snakes, study snakes and even train them somewhat. I am a zoologist, specializing in reptiles: And Naralik is the perfect place for my studies - quite probably the most perfect place in all of Draia!

In a year or two, my thesis on Eryx Tataricus Speciosus will be ready - then I hope the Association of Scribes and Scholars will publish it. Every household in Draia will need a copy! I hope Leela will help me get a contract with them... I will, however, need to find a way to study the most elusive snake of all...

She is a reporter for the Association of Scribes and Scholars. I helped her get, shall we say 'introduced' in certain circles in NaraliEL-DB.comk, and she promised to help me have my thesis published. Oh, but I will acknowledge her help in my dedication. She will become famous!

Scribes and Scholars?
Or, as it is commonly called: ASS. I used to read their newspaper daily when I was in Hurquin. Now I can only get a copy from time to time through Leela... They don't have a good delivery service here in Naralik.

Where is Hurquin?
Hurquin, my homeland... the most beautiful of all the lands in Irilion. It is just south of the Redmoon Islands, but I usually catch a ferry from Melinis. I haven't been there in ages, as the trip is expensive. There is a regular service somewhere in Lakeside, but you know what... snakes give lots of joy, but little money! Especially since I can't condone killing them for profit... I cannot afford regular visits.

See you around.