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NPC: Seth

Location: Sedicolis

Coordinates: 49, 66

A town guard in Sedicolis, primarily placed to avoid liability lawsuits.


Speak the Words

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You see a young man staring out at the desert sands, squinting as he looks to EL-DB.comthe jungle beyond. As you approach, he turns his weary gaze to meet your own.

Who are you?
That's what I should be asking you! I am Seth, a town guard. What brings you to our humble town?

Town Guard
Yes, it's an easy job really. I stand here all day and keep an eye out for any suspicious characters who approach the town.

Suspicious Characters
This region lies between Melinis, which is infested with smugglers, and Bethel, which has a whole other set of problems. Now if Malina would just do her job, I wouldn't have to worry about what might be coming from the East. I've seen a few suspicious characters hanging around the Sedicolis-Melinis border... they better not be here to cause problems.

There's a Goblin in town!
I'm not surprised. While most of the really dangerous monsters live in Bethel and Melinis, there is a goblin tribe living North of here. It's best to avoid them if you can. Goblins can be quite hostile, especially when they sense a presence weaker than their own.

She's a guard over in Melinis City who seems to have not paid attention while attending city guard training classes. I could swear she sends some of her riffraff our way on purpose.

It is a wonderful place if you like sand, snakes, and Chimeran wolves. Personally, I like Palon Vertas better.

Aren't you going to do something?
No, not really. You see, as a town guard, it is my responsibility to stay up here on the wEL-DB.comall and keep watch. Without me, the town would be open to all sorts of liability lawsuits.

Palon Vertas
Yes, the land south of here. It couldn't be more different from Sedicolis. For the most part the land is quite lush and green. The city there is much cleaner too. Folks don't hang up their laundry across the streets, or throw their trash in the gutter. But even though I like Palon Vertas better, I still have a special place in my heart for Sedicolis.

Chimeran Wolves
Terrible creatures! Giant wolf-like monstrosities who would eat you as soon as they look at you! Only the bravest of fighters can take them on in melee combat. Hunters generally try to kill them from a distance.

Yes. There is a blasted Hurquinian law firm that is always looking to take on some whining citizen's complaint. Why, I heard they even tried to subpoena a Dragon once. Don't know how that worked out though. At any rate, the Mayor has assured me that I am completely safe so long as I announce the presence of any monster before it enters the town. Think of it as a disclaimer: WARNING: MAY CONTAIN GOBLINS.

Yes. Winston Jefferies III. Quite the Mayor. Used to be the law around here too, before the city hired me. There are more than a few tall tales about his exploits. *The man grins*

I remember my first night in this town. I was a bit tired from the northward trek, so I stopped at the tavern to get a drink. When the barkeep heard that I was going to be the new town guard, he sat me down and told me all sorts of crazy yarns about the Mayor. Why, he even claimed that Winston had once incarcerated Mortos!

I'm sure it's a tall tale, but I bet Winston would try it if he could. *He chuckles quietly* He truly is a great man. I just feel bad for whoever has to fill his shoes one day. It's going to be quite a collection of tasks that need to be finished by one person. I'm sweating just thinking about the idea!

Stay out of trouble. *He sighs aEL-DB.comnd turns back to face the desert*