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NPC: Shantelle

Location: Sedicolis The Rat and the Snake Eye Tavern

Coordinates: 72, 41

A... "dancer", on her day off at the tavern in Sedicolis.


Speak the Words

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*Sitting on a stool and looking inside a half-empty glass while motionless, you see a averaEL-DB.comge-looking middle-aged woman. The soft lights make her appear more attractive than she is.*

Hey beauty... how much?
Who tells you I'm for sale? I'm not. Now, you can leave, or you can write down your home address on the napkin. That way I can send back the various pieces of your body once I'm done with you. And I'm not joking, honey. *She quickly flashes a dagger in front of your eyes.* You'd better go to Bethel, I'm told you will find ladies to suit your tastes there. And maybe you will suit theirs.

Do you mind if I join you?
Not at all, honey, take a sit. I'll order another round, since you insist on offering.

Mmm, water for me
Wow, we have a tough one here. Ok, I guess I can get my chocolate milk alone. Say hello from me to mommy when you hide under her gown, honey. Now, please, I'm enjoying my quiet. Goodbye.

Sure, put it on me
Thanks, honey. Not all the patrons around here are that friendly. And trust me, I see all of them, sooner or later: They all pass through Sedicolis!

Some of them are nice people, some are frankly... bastards. Of all species, literally. And genders. We have mostly merchants carrying their wares along the old road between Melinis and Bethel and further on to Idaloran. They usually hire guards for the journey, since some of those lands are dangerous. And you see, these are traveling salesman... away from their homes, and spouses.

Some of them need a little break from time to time. The guards are much worse, they think their stupid shiny armors and swords and flexing those ridiculous muscles can get them whatever they want... and when they don't get it their way, they start acting like animals. However, real trouble is a rare occurrence; mostly they start a brawl amongst themselves and they are too drunk anyway and quickly taken care of.

A large territory east of here, they have a large city on the coast. There is a lot of trade going on there, both by shipping and by caravans crossing the deserts to Idaloran. A few years ago - I was younEL-DB.comger and ingenuous - a wealthy merchant promised to take me there. If only I had married him. Can you believe it? I almost fell in love with him. His dark features were uncommon and his words were as sweet

as honey. But then, I was told of how the city was surrounded by barren lands and how deadly monsters roamed that land causing all citizens to remain behind the city's high walls, trapped inside their own homes... And, more importantly, how he had a wife there already, and two children. Ah! I guess the widow will have found a better man by now.

Yep, widow. The bastard broke my heart. I had his taken away from him. It was only fair and I had no lack of friends that volunteered for a quick job. I let them keep the money. Now, what were we saying?

*She smiles* Common question: All westbound travelers ask about Bethel and all eastbound ones ask about Melinis. The locals have better things to do than ask silly questions. So, Bethel! If you are looking for desert, ruins and scorching sun, you can find no better place. Foul creatures as well, of all sizes, and at times in the thousands!

There are nights when we can hear the growls and screams from inside the city. Luckily, they rarely cross the border, Sedicolis is a much quieter place.

Chimeran wolves mostly and I have heard tales about strange feline creatures in the hills. But trust me, the most horrid monsters are not in Bethel: they are around us, in our own cities, squares, markets and homes. With the job I'm doing, I see them all.

You can consider me a dancer. No, I don't do ballet. Let us just say that many customers come in this hole just because of my shows... and I'm *GOOD* at it. The best. And who cares if I accidentally drop some of my robes while dancing? I give them what they want, they give me what I want. And I want gold. I don't give a fuck about what they say.

But my 'patrons' get to sit on that special throne on the balcony over there while I perform my routine uEL-DB.compon them and the poles. I just have to be careful so I don't get splinters. *She giggles uncomfortably.*

Show me!
Hey, honey, you seem ok, but I'm not going to ruin my only free day for you. I have enough of showing off when I'm on the stage. Besides, Rotisor doesn't like when I flirt with customers when I'm off-duty. You know what they say? This hole is called 'The Rat and the Snake': For most regular patrons he is the rat and I'm the snake! *She giggles.*

I don't know much about Idaloran... they say it is a rich land... well-ordered... lots of trade, fields, ships... totally uninteresting. Or maybe, I haven't met the right guy from there yet! *Even with the low lights, you can tell her brilliant smile conveys a sense of sincerity.*

You don't look like a merchant, do you? Well, I can tell you, there are a few kind souls among them, but mostly they are as cold-hearted as a piece of rock. They are old men whose only joy is counting their gold over and over again. They think they can buy anything with gold. And I make sure they are led to believe that it's true. Fools!

*She erupts in a laughter, then seeing how Rotisor turns towards the two of you, becomes serious again.* We mostly have men here - from Melinis and Idaloran and of course Sedicolis itself. But from time to time, merchants from Palon Vertas are seen in the city. I think they must use some special magic; Seth told me once that they were only seen exiting the gates, never entering.

But the guy was drunk and, busy, with other matters at the time. By the gods, he was so talkative all night long! *Another laugh is quickly silenced, as she finishes her glass in a single gulp.*

Violent fellows, they are truly like animals, most of the hailing from Melinis. They follow the merchant caravans, ostensibly providing protection from monsters and marauders. At times, I think the merchants are actually paying them bribes and they share the proceeds with those same marauders. But either case, better keep away from them. I learned my lesson many years ago.

Let's not talk about that please. Suffice it to say that I have not always been part of this tavern's furniture. Nowadays, Rotisor takes care that they don't touch me. He might not be the best bosEL-DB.coms in the world, but at least he respects me - and he keeps the most hot-headed guards at bay. This is enough for me; for now at least. Seth tries to keep the guards at bay. Bless his little heart.

After the Great War, Winston realized he needed a helper. So he hired the miller's son, Seth. He's young, barely a man, so he poses no real threat to the rest of us here. *She laughs to herself.*

We are a small land and the lack of a decent harbor makes us somewhat inward. But on the other hand, we are the crossroads of this part of Irilion. Most people around here are just content to let the world cross our little square right here in the city, rather than go and make our own paths in strange lands. This does not mean we don't get our little share of everything - we do, and not so little at times!

*She laughs at her own joke, which leaves you wondering...*

Mayor Winston Jefferies. *She says as she puffs out her chest acting like an important man. You notice how well defined her chest is under the robes.* Mayor Winston Jefferies. He's a very sweet man, although a few screws short if you know what I mean. *She starts laughing again.*

Good bye, maybe we will meet again elsewhere!