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NPC: Shayna

Location: Palon Vertas Library

Coordinates: 325, 37

Start NPC for Quests:

  1. Borrowed Books

Librarian in the Library of the Ancients in Palon Vertas.


Speak the Words

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*A scholarly-looking matron is engrossed with an antiquated tome balanced on her lap - you're not sure which is older, the woman or the book she is studying* Good day, journeyer.

Who are you?
My name is Shayna. I'm the librarian here in the Library of the Ancients, the 'Pearl' of Palon Vertas.

Oh yes, the library here is the most splendid in all of Irilion - and that's not just personal bias because I am the caretaker and librarian here. We have important and ancient texts that date all the way back to the age when Bruce Willis had hair! *She slaps her knee and laughs uproariously*

As you may have noticed, the fountain over there is a tribute to the ancient god Vias, the Pearl Dragon. Vias is considered the 'Keeper of Souls'. This library is the 'Keeper of Knowledge' so you can see why we draw the comparison. And it truly is a wondrous library indeed. I consider my job to be the best in the world.

Ancient texts
Yes, dear - many of our tomes and texts far out-date even old Shayna here. There is a wealth of information to be found, if you just know where to look. The historieEL-DB.coms of our fair lands - chronicles of war and peace, life and death, bountiful harvests and great deeds of the valiant are all to be found in the volumes housed here.

Well, it may not seem very exciting to some, I'll admit, but the sheer volume of information we receive here needs to be sorted and referenced. It would be impossible for anyone to find anything without some sort of referencing system. And I make that system.

Scholars from all over the land come here to research and get information. And not just academics, but adventurers, students, such as Beaken over there, government officials and the like all need our services at one point or another. I see many, many faces pass through this hall - and not always arriving through the main entrance!

Great deeds
Oh my, yes. History is full of heroic deeds - and not always done by your stereotypical swashbuckling crusader either. Ordinary citizens like you and I have often accomplished the most incredible feats. Maybe you too have the potential for greatness. Perhaps others in the future will be nestled up by the fire over there spellbound by your exploits.

Hehe, yes deary. We get all sorts of adventurers in here. People looking for far-away mountains to climb, voyages to take, even clues to find hidden treasures. Take that handsome young man Barnes for example. He's often in here combing over old manuscripts, letters and maps.

Main Entrance
The door through which you came in. That's how most people come and go from here. Others seem to just appear out of thin air over by that dragon statue. I'm no David Copperfield, but that's a good trick! I don't ask where they come from and I'm sure I don't want to know either. I adopt a strict 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy in here.

What? Can it be you've never heard of Barnes? He's quite the famous explorer and treasure-hunter. I was sure his fame was known all over Draia. Anyway, he's often here gleaning some new kernel of lost knowledge to aid in his treasure-hunting. He's often found poking around in the undergrounds. Maybe you'll bump into him there during your travels.

Now, I don't often stick my nose in other people's business - but I'd like to see that Barnes fixed up with a good woman. A real pity I'm far too old for the likes EL-DB.comof that dashing dream. But, I have been trying to play Little Miss Match-maker with Barnes and that lovely young reporter, Brittani. They were made for each other.

If only Barnes would stop crawling around those damp and dingy caves he likes to hang out in and pay attention to what's in front of him. I'm sure they would make a great couple. She's a real go-getter, just like him. If you meet them, maybe you'll see what I mean. Well, listen to me rattling on like an old jabberbox...

During your travels
Well, I can't keep talking your ears off, my dear. Thanks for the help with those books!

Did you meet him yet? He is a nice lad, he almost makes me feel young again. *She leans close whispers to you* I think he likes me, and I like him too, but I don't think it would work.

It was nice talking to you!