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NPC: Silvars

Location: Tarsengaard TG Magic School Entrance Hall Meeting Hall North Hall Magic School Library

Coordinates: 28, 239

Librarian for the Tarsengaard Magic School.


Speak the Words

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*A peculiar willowy looking elf is bent slightly over a book, he writes something down with a flourish of his quill, EL-DB.comthen looks up, his silvery hair falling neatly around his face.* Greetings, may I be of help? *He asks with a smile.*

Just looking
Very well. *His grin broadens.* I'm Silvars, the librarian, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it. My purpose is to help guide - students, scholars and whatever travelers come here - to the books and reference materials they desire. If I don't, Jerun might forget to give me my salary. *He winks.*

There are lots here
This is true, like all the grandmasters before him, Jerun knows the value of the written word. Our collection started with the school and has grown for years. In fact, what you see in this room is just a mere sampling of the books which belong to this library.

There are more scattered throughout the school, in the possession of students and teachers, lent out to other libraries across Draia, or hidden away until they are needed. Those most readily available in this room are simply the most commonly desired. All of this I keep track of diligently. *He gestures to the book before him in which he had been writing.*

How many books exactly?
*Silvars's eyes twinkle and he shakes his head slightly with a soft chuckle.* Now that's a mystery, isn't it? I must admit, we find more books all the time. Even the other day, Donegal and I found a book hidden within the boards of one of the shelves. It was very rare and ancient. Donegal hasn't taken his eyes off of it since then.

Why of course a room such as this is hardly worthy to hold all the knowledge of one of Draia's largest schools of magic. It is rivaled only by the fine magic school of Palon Vertas in our exquisite expanse of classrooms, dormitories, research centers and other such places of learning. But alas, friendly rivalry is beside the point.

*He lays his hand softly on the desk beside his book.* As I said, not all of our collection is in this room. However, should you desire information on the travels of Tirstainini Pathaolia... *Silvars's fingers curl back and his hand moves upwards. Following his hand a book with 'The Travels of Pathaolia' written on the cover appears with a soft 'thump' on the desk.* ... you will find it is readily available.

How did you do that?!
*Silvars chuckles softly.* You must remember that you are in a magic school where you will encounter many things you cannot understand. Nevertheless, sufficEL-DB.come to say a bit of magic and a bit more wit can do some amazing things. Though I fear I'm at wit's end on some things I've desired to create for the library.

Wit's end
*The elf's smile fades for the first time since you began speaking with him.* I'm quite fond of literary pursuits and anything that furthers our knowledge. Most recently I've attempted to create a remarkable invention which could prove an amazing leap in our records of the world. Unfortunately, things are not going well.

Now thanks to you and Crusher, the machine is working, but there are many improvements that still need to be done. I am trying to make it run faster, and the next thing on my list is an automatic paper feeder that will be able to turn pages without any manual intervention. Once I do that, I will build more machines and send them to the other libraries.

Sounds great.
Of course it does! *He says excitedly, his grin wide.* Then I could easily publish papers for friends like Ahshta, I could stop worrying what would happen to the copies of books we only have a few of. Why, I could even make copies of some of our most ancient and unique books to send to any library in Draia!

A friend of mine, he's a scholar and explorer, he often sends me his various papers and writing in the hopes I will have some scribes make copies for our library and others. They're very good references, just such a pain to distribute.

Please come back if you have need of any book, I shall happily help you find it. *He smiles widely.*