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NPC: Sirhyan

Location: Naralik Catacombs

Coordinates: 91, 172

A priest of Mortos who oversees the Catacombs battle arena. Twin brother of Dirhyan.


Speak the Words

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*A dark, hairless man, upon seeing your approach, narrows his eyes at you.* WhaEL-DB.comt are you doing looking at me out here? Get in that arena and prove your worth!

Who are you?
Quite obviously, my name is Sirhyan.

Are you blind or just a moron? This rather square-shaped area in front of me is an arena where you can prove your worth to Mortos!

Are you his priest?
I am a priest of Mortos, but if you wish to serve him, you'll have to find my brother. I imagine you'll find him in that chamber just behind me.

Pool of lava
Oh leave me to my fantasies. My brother is just as useless as you. How brave do you have to be in order to accept tribute to Mortos? Worthless, I tell you. If you want to serve Mortos, you'll have to find my brother on your own. The only help I'll give you is that he looks just like me.

You're twins?
Yes, we're twins. Now run along and find him.

Mortos is our mighty ruler! He could destroy you with his forces without a second thought. A great and masterful deity as well, he even placed the wondrous Curse upon the world for everyone to enjoy.

Isn't he evil?
There is no such thing. Everyone wants to label everything as 'Good' and 'Evil' or 'Black' and 'White', but all are false. There are shades of gray eveEL-DB.comrywhere. Besides, people crave power. Mortos has the power people want. It's enough to convince anyone that Mortos isn't 'evil' enough not to worship.

How did you become priests?
Quite a fascinating tale. Our mother offered us to the temple only two weeks after we were born. Of course, we were born on the fabled third day of Mortia which caused the temple to enroll the both of us in the priesthood. We both grew up following only the practices of Mortos. And here we are, top dogs in the temple.

Wondrous Curse
The Curse is exactly what the world needs. It helps with the overpopulation problem. Besides, most mortals I meet are like you, and believe me, we're better off without the likes of you.

Don't the monsters bother you?
Of course not. Mortos granted them a home in his temple and they leave us alone. Plus, they kill those not worthy of our presence. They just need to get rid of that pesky reporter but she keeps getting her ass saved by the damned Black Cloak. I will speak with Tirrant about the issue.

Fabled day
In the lore of Mortos, it speaks that great power is born on the third day of Mortia - much like my brother and I. If you have heard of Vlasian, he too was born upon that day. Many priests and infamous followers of Mortos were also born on this magnificent day. Our mother being a devout follower knew this, and gave us up knowing we were destined for greatness.

Pesky reporter
Everyone knows when someone refers to a pesky reporter, they're talking about ASS. This one is trying to find out about the old orders of Mortos that used to be common. We'll take care of her soon enough.

Black Cloak
Do I look like someone who wants to give you a politics lesson? If you must know what the Black Cloaks are, go find them yourself. There's one most likely foolishly killing the orcs somewhere in the catacombs.

*He shakes his head in obvious annoyance.* Tirrant leads the Orc armies of Seridia. He's within these walls - seek him out you must. If he's in a good mood, he won't attack you. Hopefully, for my sake, he's in a bad mood when you talk to him. Heh.

What a sorry state we're in if that's the best Mortos can come up with. Fortunately, he has other resources. Mwahahahahaaaa!