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NPC: Sloan

Location: Portland Bank

Coordinates: 201, 55

Runs a bank with shady loan and business practices.


Speak the Words

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*Despite the wealth that seems readily available in this establishment, your eyes are drawn to the well-dressed man working on his ledgers at the table before you. He is and handsome with dark eyes that sparkle. As you approach, he has casually closed his ledger and stood up to greet you.* Welcome to Sloan's. Are you looking for a loan? or for work?

*He casually gestures at the room you're in.* I own and operate this financial establishment. I know it's a bit vain to name your business after yourself, but if you've got a business to be proud of, why not? I hope you like what you see.

I have modest financial reserves. By forming contracts with borrowers to whom I lend those reserves, those resources go to work for me making me more money that becomes available to finance even more loans. 'Sloan's Loans for You and Me'. That's my motto.

Besides keeping my eyes open for enterprising entrepreneurs, I also seek out people with other talents I can use.

What other talents?
I employ people who follow up on incomplete contracts. Many people I have loaned money to decide that perhaps they've not selected the correct location for their enterprise and they relocate without letting me know so that our contracts can be updated. My employees have to be good at finding people, reminding them of their commitments, and enforcing our contractual agreements.

So they are thugs?
Oh, that's such a harsh word, don't you think? Within my organization I call them Credit Managers. Please keep in mind that handing out resources to strangers is extremely risky. My Credit Managers help reduce that level of risk. It's how I got started in this business, after all.

Your mother must be proud.
Actually, my parents were here a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen them in many years. Just between you and me, they were in terrible shape financially. So, I took them into my house in town, cleaned them up, gave them suitable clothes, and invited them to my table. For a while, things were going well, but they started to shirk their duties.

What duties?
Their jobs were to keep my house clean and the pantry stoEL-DB.comcked for the cook. I made it quite clear in our contract.

Contract? With your parents?
Indeed. That's how I protect myself and my belongings. So, one night, over dinner, mother made a chance comment that the cook's meals were so good she's already put on at least a pound since coming here. So at that point, I knew what had to be done.

What did you do?
I activated emergency clause III.e.iv, subparagraph 92 which clearly stated that while in my employ, gluttony is prohibited. I gave the cook specific instructions on what they could and could not eat, and restricted how much they were allowed to intake. I also increased their workload, so they should be back to their normal weight by the end of the week.

A diet?
Please refrain from using the d word. That clause allows me to be comforted that the clients working to repay me maintain a healthy lifestyle. Overeating, gluttony, and sloth have been proven to shorten the lifespan of people my parents' ages, and if I have to control what they eat until I'm fully repaid, then I will.

Unfortunately, with the activation of clause III.e.iv, subparagraph 92, penalty fees have kicked in as well as other fees to repay me for spending my time monitoring their food intake. With the money I'll be making off this contract, my parents may be around for the rest of their natural lives.

How could you?
Like I said, I started out as a Credit Manager and it was spelled out in our contract. I must admit, though, that the lettering of that section of the contract was quite small. All my contracts are fulfilled to the letter, that's how I was able to build this business up: one contract at a time. So, what will it be? a loan? or a job?

For now, perhaps, but I have a feeling that some day, you'll be back. Until then...

Credit Managers?
Karnak and Helga. Odd duo but they work wonders together. If I need a job done or soEL-DB.commeone found, they can do it. I know talent when I see it, and those two have talent.

Odd duo?
Karnak is an male orchan and Helga is a female dwarf. How often does one see a pair like them working together? They are both intimidating, but both offer certain skills. He brings the muscle and she brings the brains.

Leaving so soon? Come again, I have a contract with your name on it.