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NPC: Soquela

Location: Grubani Peninsula

Coordinates: 71, 306

A woman studying the power found in Grubani Peninsula, such as that which allows the dead to walk, seeking to tap into it herself.


Speak the Words

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You notice a strange looking Orchan, she is muttering to herself and waving arms around wildly. As you approach you sense a strange type of power at work.

*The Orchan sighs deeply and looks at you as if she could see right into your soul* Yes? Can I help you?

Who are you?
My name is Soquela, but you are probably only asking to be polite... *She smirks* Or nosey.

What are you doing here?
*She comes alive.* Oh I am studying the power that is contained in this land, it's absolutely fascinating really. Look how the dead walk! Think of the secrets they must know! I absolutely HAVE to tap into that power, think of the possibilities!

If I can uncover the power that makes the dead walk, then this can be used by my tribe, to command the dead, to have that kind of power over life and death...that would be....*She becomes distracted again.*

Are you still with me?
Oh you're still here? Sorry, I do tend to get absorbed, it's just such a fascinating subject. Not that I expect someone like YOU to understand it.

Are you the Gypsy in the Marsh?
*She rolls her eyes.* Do I LOOK like a gypsy to you? Does this LOOK like a marsh? This is a swamp, big difference. *She sighs.* You took a wrong turn somewhere, you should be headed to Morcraven Marsh. While you are there you should look in on Nhala, she has a hut there and is a very good friend of mine.

You study the dead?
Among other things yes. I would love to learn what brings them to life, to harness EL-DB.comthat power would be truly amazing. That knowledge would be invaluable to my tribe.

Are you a witch?
*Her voice drips with sarcasm* Wow, I was never asked THAT before. I harness power, I am in a swamp, and I am female so I MUST be a witch right? NO, I am NOT a witch, I am not really anything at present, if I must be given a title I guess Shamanic Necromancer works. *She looks at you and smiles* Bet you do not even know the difference do you?

Your tribe?
Yes, I am a member of the Orchan colony here. You may have met my leader Throvnc, a truly fascinating man.

Sounds like a witch to me.
Oh, really? Well you sound ignorant to me, so it must be so, right? What is with the need to put a label on everything? Can't a woman just study the world's power in peace without being branded a witch or a weirdo or something?

He is truly amazing, he went mute at a young age but his other senses more than make up for it, and he can still communicate in some fashion. A true, strong leader and a very powerful shaman, I have learned a lot from him.

I guess you are right.
Oh, you guess so huh? Well, far be it from me to disagree with someone as clearly educated as yourself.

In some fashion
Throvnc can communicates via visions. He touches someone and can project images from his mind into theirs. Memories, thoughts, images... everything. Just through a simple touch, can you imagine? He can even gain insight from touching objects and have visions of those who have come in contact with the object.

Where can I find Throvnc?
He will be around his hut in the Southern-most part of Grubani. If you get a chance to visiEL-DB.comt him, I am sure he will make you very welcome. Please tell him I will call upon him soon.

Glad to hear it.
Well, while it does my soul good to be in the presence of an amazing person such as yourself.

Whoa, I did not mean to offend you.
You did not offend me... I just wish that people would learn not to label other people. I may well be a witch... of sorts... but I am also a lot more, I do not fit into one little box.

That could be handy!
*She laughs* I am sure that it is. It has served our tribe very well over the last few decades - that's for sure. I am not sure it's handy in the sense that you mean it though... I don't think he can have a vision on command.

Do you not see him often?
No... actually I prefer the solitude of the swamp. There is so much energy and emotion around the rest of the tribe. I love them all but I cannot cope with the daily problems they are so absorbed with. Here it is peaceful... I have space to think.

That's a shame!
Oh I am sure he is perfectly happy with things the way they are. Visions are draining, and if you could command them then you could abuse them. It is probably better this way.

I guess everything has its limits.
That is the most sensible thing I have heard you say. Maybe you are not as green as you look after all!

That sounds lonely.
Oh NO! I am never lonely. The tribe will come and find me when they need my help, which is quite often. *She rolls her eyes* And I have my woEL-DB.comrk to keep me busy. I sometimes pop over to see Dirhyan in the Naralik Catacombs, so many undead to study there and he's pretty good company.

Really? But your Common is impeccable.
I have many friends throughout the lands who have helped me hone my skills in many languages. Common was by far the simplest. Try learning the dialect of the Mortosian Penetants. *She laughs loudly*

It's about time you decided to leave. Your presence was beginning to become bothersome.