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NPC: Squint

Location: Morcraven Marsh

Coordinates: 208, 211

A Black Cloak who is on watch at Fort Hallgan in Morcraven Marsh.


Speak the Words

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A ragged black cloak hangs limply from the shoulders of the man you approach. He turns around as you EL-DB.comwalk up, though you didn't make a sound; he smiles softly. 'Come to help me on my watch?' *He winks.*

No Way!
*He scowls slightly.* Am I that scary? You should learn to be kinder. Very well then - come for a chat? Or just a look at the marsh? It might be a dangerous place, but we Black Cloaks guard it well. I'm Squint by the way, the poor soul you rejected sharing the watch with in this lonely place.

Erm... sure?
*He laughs.* Always a pleasure to have company, come, take a seat, or stand if you like. And see what the marsh has to offer! If you're any good at this maybe we can give you a black cloak! I'm Squint by the way, pleasure to share the watch with you.

Black Cloak
I daresay mine is a bit tattered. *He glances over his shoulder at the worn cloth.* But it's the symbol of The Brotherhood of Black Cloaks, we that guard the marsh and all those within it.

Aye! They call me that in The Brotherhood. I'm a fair good shot with a bow, that's why I get to stand up here most of the time, making sure those creatures down there don't get too close.

Why is it so worn?
It has actually seen a few owners. It belonged to my father and his before him. We pass the cloak through the family, it's a tradition despite the fact the brothers are more than happy to provide new ones. My family has been part of the Brotherhood for generations.

Tell me more about the marsh
I could spend weeks telling you all the legends of this land. It is an old place, one of the few ancient areas that hasn't changed much in all the long years of the world. There's always been a Marsh in Morcraven and always been a Black Cloak to guard it, a tradition as old as history itself. Of course it was only in recent years

that the mines were discovered and that drew many miners here. Along with the miners came the potioners, alchemists and the smiths using up those resources. Once they started traveling throuEL-DB.comgh frequently - so too did their customers - along with those seeking knowledge of the crafts. Nobody stays long though. There used to be a lot of people that lived around here but recently

the permanent population has dwindled - although there are more people passing through again these days than there once was. With so many people traveling here the wine business soon sprang up. And here we are today, a very busy place watched over by a small Brotherhood. In the olden days the villages were closer to cities. Now the permanent inhabitants have dwindled in the wake of all these travelers.

In this fort there's a potioning school. I'd venture to guess it's one of the most popular on the continent. Saville is a good woman and she keeps it an orderly place. There's many worshipers of Jayden in these parts too. She's the goddess of potions you know? I hear there's a temple dedicated to her up north, though I've never visited it. I have little interest in a goddess of potions, no disrespect meant.

Shadow gods
Aye, they're the old gods, those who have few followers in modern times. I say my prayers to Dvar and Glydoc. Glydoc is often considered a patron of sorts to the Black Cloaks you know? He may be an orchan god, but he's a god of combat, of honorable combat. Not like that fiend Mortos. I spend time with Nhala and Throvnc on occasion. If you want to understand Glydoc, those good orchan folk are the best to talk to.

She's a shaman, lives out in the marsh rather undefended. But she's safe enough; the monsters know better than to mess with her. Some think she's a bit odd, yet she's blessed by Glydoc to see beyond the present... a very spiritual woman. From time to time she goes to Grubani to visit the orchans there.

A shaman in Grubani, there's a few around here. Nhala has no tribe, but Throvnc is shaman for the only full tribe of orchans on Seridia. He's a bit easier to approach once he likes you, unlike attempting to get past Nhala's curses and spirits. Visit him sometime, he's likely to share Glydoc's wisdom with you.

They've got a school here too, east of here. Thoth runs things around there, I think, but he's a bit... well... *Squint scratches his chin idly.* I'm not completely sure he's sane. I think the potioners have a better reputation around here.

They tend to come and go - lately Bower has been the only smith in the marsh. EL-DB.comHe makes some fine bows and arrows though. Visit him sometime in Fort Caladak.

Where'd you learn all this history?
*Squint chuckles.* Might be I'm an archer, but I have a fascination with legends and histories too. Like I said, my family has been here a while. True people of the Marsh we are and true people will always remember... more than most people do about their history. Not that many care to listen to us.

Travel safely, I suppose I can manage to keep the watch alone. Be careful, the goblins bite.